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I’m a menopause mentor, life coach and author with 25 years’ experience, who specialises in creating MenoRecipes™ for women to manage their unique mind-body-spirit symptoms in the best way for them to thrive, so they can feel less overwhelmed, alone, crazy and out of control and more confident, connected to their soul and emotionally realigned.

Having a MenoRecipe™ is essential for every woman, because you are a divine unique soul and your experience of menopause will be different from your mum’s, sister’s and friend’s – so the ingredients of your MenoRecipe™ will be unique to you.

My expertise in heart-storming, psychology, 20+ years of working with divine guides, creating self-care programs, and lived experience of menopause are invaluable resources. Fact is menopause is the perfect time to do mind-body-spirit work … it’s in the name… it’s a time to pause and review your life.

I have always worked with women going through menopause, but now that I’m going through it myself, I’m even more perfectly positioned to help you to collate the overwhelming list of self-care actions that are right for you, so you can relax. I’ve got your back. We can do this together! A problem shared is a problem solved.

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"Menopause is a perfect time to do mind-body-spirit work ... it's in the name ... it's time to pause and review your life." Pip Coleman

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If you are going through menopause and you’re frustrated by … out of control emotions, like you are “at war” with your body, trying to keep people safe from the chaos inside ... and you're worried that ... you’re going crazy!

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