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"Yes, I deserve it" SPECIAL OFFER for December 2022

If you feel like this holiday season is like Groundhog Day. You feel the same way this year as you did last year
(and the year before). You're tired and overwhelmed already. You're always last on your own list. And you feel like it's about time you treated yourself. I'm here to say that you don't have to feel this way!
You can feel hopeful, peaceful and graceful this year. Besides, you deserve to have some time out! Right?! And since I know you feel this way, you will REALLY love this tailored 60-minute "I Deserve It" Divine Alignment with BONUS "what's happening for me in 2023?" intuitive card reading.
*Available online or in-person. A great gift for yourself or a loved one!
*Share this offer with your partner, kids and friends to give some much needed "Yes I deserve it" self-care!!! Purchase this special offer before 30th December - bookings can be made up to 31st January.

Pip Coleman

‘How can I help YOU improve your life?’

In my 15 years of experience in Reiki Coaching, I’ve tried all of the techniques that I teach.  This means that you will gain value from my trials and successes. I have been uninspired, unbalanced, and exhausted. I have also over-given to others and not taken care of myself.  So, when I work with you to feel more connected, energetic and balanced, I will be authentic and real. Nothing is hidden. Transparency and integrity are very important to me. 

In my courses, therapies and books, my focus is on offering simple and practical skills to honour and fully accept yourself, using Reiki Energy Healing, Psychology and Meditation. 

My books and classes show you how to accept yourself and be open to all opportunities that come to you. I’ll teach you how to recognise that limits are only put on you by yourself. And to trust your intuition – it never fails!

How I Can Help You

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Free Gift


These 15 x 3-minute Archangel meditations that can be used anytime as a quick and easy way to reset and align yourself. The Archangels are the team leaders of all the Angels. You don’t have to believe in Angels to get benefits from these meditations. They are non-denominational and very loving.

You can call on them to help you with any of your life issues.

For example: if you’re feeling resentful because you’ve been over-giving (again) and need to practice forgiveness of yourself – you can listen to the Archangel Uriel prescription and feel better right now!

Reduce your stress, bring in self-compassion, calm your fears, feel more self-love, soothe anger, heal pain, ease grief, start to build stronger emotional boundaries, allow more space for self-care and much more!!

Blessings Pip x

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Free Gift

These 15 x 3-minute Archangel meditations can be used anytime as a quick and easy way to reset and align yourself.
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