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This week’s blog is about Numbers … 
We have just started the new financial year yesterday and it feels to me like this is the perfect time to have a look at your Numerology.
Did you know that the day, month and year that you were born can significantly affect your career, your life purpose and your personality?
Did you know that when you were born there were certain Universal energetic influences that affected you and your life path?
Would you find it helpful to know what your life challenges are based on these energetic influences?
How would this information about you and other people, help you to deal with your family members and work mates? 
There are many different types of Numerology. 
Some of them add up your date of birth numbers until they get a single number.
Some of them give you a couple of numbers based on your time of birth and date and year. 
Some of them are a combination of these.
The method that I have been using is based on the Chinese Feng Shui tradition. It looks at the flow of Universal energies on the day your were born and translates it into 3 x numbers that represent your personality, your stress or emotional number and your life challenges that you can overcome if you follow your life purpose. 
I have shown many people this method and they have commented that it is the most accurate Numerology reading they’ve had. 
I even had one lady come to me to understand her partner better during their separation process. It gave her massive clarity around his behaviour and the issues that had been coming up throughout their marriage.

If you are curious to try it out here are some options:
a) Come to see me for a one-on-one Numerology consultation. It will take 60 minutes. We can look at your numbers (and one other person’s, if you like). I will also use my intuition to counsel you on taking your next steps forward using your Angels and Spirit Guides. You will get a FREE printed copy of your numbers and you can record the session to listen back later. $110. 

b) Come to a Numerology class – the next one is on Saturday 7th July @2pm. We will look at everyone’s numbers and discuss them. You will get a FREE printed copy of your numbers. $30 (*minimum 4 people required to run this class).

c) Call me on the phone for a one-on-one Numerology consultation. (*same as above for face to face consultation). 60 minutes. FREE copy of your numbers will be emailed to you. No recording for this option. $100

d) Email me with your full birth date and I will send you a copy of your numbers. No consultation. No recording for this option. $30.

I look forward to seeing you soon.
Blessings Pip x

p.s. The book that I base my reading on is called ‘Your Hidden Symmetry’ by Jean Haner. 

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