You can do it yourself! Reiki Level One course

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This week’s blog is answering a question that I get asked a lot … 
“Why would I bother doing the Reiki Level One course, when I can come and see you?”
And I say to those people … 
Sure you can come and see me … anytime … either way a Reiki energy healing is a wonderful gift to yourself.
You will feel deeply relaxed, peaceful, calm, connected and your pain / anger / fear will dissolve for a while.
Maybe a few hours, maybe a day, maybe a few days or more … 
And … 
If you do the Reiki Level One course you will learn how to feel all those things DAILY. 
Just 5-10 minutes daily can make a huge difference. 
You will practise how to dissolve your own anger.
You will start to understand your own fears.
You will start to be okay with pain, yours and others. 
You will learn how to deeply relax your mind and body.
You will begin to accept yourself and be more self-loving. 
You will shift and be mindful and learn to do meditation.
You will be fully supported in a safe space.
You will learn how to take care of yourself … so that you can more effectively take care of others. 
And much more … 
I feel that this is a lot more empowering than just giving you a Reiki treatment once every few months.
Please take a moment to consider how this could change your life.
This is the perfect time to learn … 
​I find that we all need a little extra love and energy before the Christmas holidays. 
I’d love to help you, if you are ready.
Send me an email or text / call me on 0437 670 820.
Blessings Pip 

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