You are the preventer of your success …

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This week’s blog is about how moving your self out the way will allow your Soul to bloom.
I was listening to Colette Baron Reid’s podcast and she said something that really resonated …
“YOU are the preventer of your success. If you are not getting what you want YOU are not ready … get ready!”
And I thought ‘Wow! Yes! That’s exactly what’s been happening to me.’

Last year I spent 9 months writing my mini-memoir with the guidance and support of Ocean (at Ocean Reeve Publishing).
The book is a collection of stories about my spiritual journey in a very non-spiritual space – working on cruise ships.
This book is the first time I have shared my truth about my experiences. It is me sharing all of my authentic self.

The writing part was challenging and I had to be focused … but I had fun writing all my memories and insights.
The publishing part is all new to me and it has been pushing me out of my comfort zone – BIG TIME!
I’ve been living on Phillip island for 7 years building a self care and wellness business.
Being self-employed and teaching has been a wonderful experience for me.
It’s been challenging and I had to be focused … but I’ve had fun.

Now, my book is 6 days away from release and I have been asked to step up and back out into the world.
The Finding my Soul at Sea cover reveal is happening on 27th October. 
It’s awesome… exciting… and … my small self has been terrified!
Over the last 12 months my ego has been definitely been preventing my Soul from expanding.

But I don’t tell you this to justify or give myself (Or you) permission to stay small.
I tell you this to remind you that your Soul knows best.
Your Soul knows what will support you.
Your Soul knows what will block you.
Your Soul knows what will excite you.
Your Soul knows when to move or stop.
Your Soul knows who to go to for help.
Your Soul knows that your ego is scared.
Your Soul knows you can only move forward when you are happy, relaxed, calm and loving.

How do you know what are your Soul messages?
Well you can feel them deep in your gut – in those quiet times just before sleep or on meditation or at the end of yoga class or on the beach when you zone out, or in the garden when you sit and breathe.

So, even though my ego has been going crazy with fearful warnings this past year, I knew in my waters (wink – a little pun there about the book topic) that I had to keep moving forward.
This is my true purpose.

I’ve wanted to be an author since I was a little girl (remember my stories from the blue book Erica, Anita and Janine?).
I’ve had a vision sitting quietly in my Soul to inspire and teach people to embrace more of their true self.
I’ve got an inner knowing that I can’t go back now.

And all the self care techniques that I’ve learned over the last 20 years (and that I now teach) I have been using to deeply soothe my small self this year.
That’s why!
That’s why I was drawn to learn the reiki energy healing, the EFT Tapping, the Bowen Therapy, the meditation, the crystals, the essential oils, the chanting, the yoga, and all the angel intuitive clearing and preservation techniques.

And that’s why I’ve been drawn to certain healers and coaches to help me when I need to shift even more.
Everything is happening for a reason.
Know that …. YOU are not lost at sea.
YOU are being guided … YOU just might not be aware of it all the time.
YOU are reading this article – that is a sign.
I look forward to meeting to soon.

My book ‘Finding my Soul at Sea’ is being released on 27th October. Yay!! 
Go to for details and special gifts & bonuses.

Colette Baron Reid’s book is called Uncharted – the journey though uncertainty to infinite possibility.

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