Worthiness is an inside job!

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Your experience of this year is worthy of honour and respect. 
No one is more deserving of compassion.
Everyone has been in this storm.

Your story is worthy. Your joy. Your pain. Your success. Your loss. Your resilience. 
Your confusion. Your inspiration. Your anxiety. Your creativity. Your unraveling.
It’s all worthy of acknowledgement.

This year has reminded us that we are all human.
The virus has been the great leveller.

You may think that other people have had a tougher year than you, but that doesn’t mean your life experiences are unworthy.
Take time to honour yourself.
Count your blessings.

What have you learned about yourself?
What is most important to you?
What will you not do anymore?
What new things have you embraced?

2020 was not wasted time, it was an opportunity to clarify what’s truly worthy of your time.
“Unworthiness feels like unalignment with your source. Worthiness is alignment with source.” Abraham Hicks

Blessings Pip x

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