Why am I so emotional (and angry)?

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As a life coach and intuitive therapist, I hear this question a lot from my female clients. Actually, … they don’t say the word angry usually … (because women aren’t really allowed to be angry … right?)

Instead of ‘Why am I SO emotional and angry?!” …
They say … why am I so frustrated, anxious, stressed, depressed, exhausted?
They say … I don’t really get angry.
They say … If I get angry, I might not be able to control it.
They say … I’m not sure how to express my anger.

And yet, bubbling under the surface of that slightly nasty comment to your partner or that quippy text message to your mum is unexpressed anger.

*You might like to listen to my podcast episode #164 about this topic – click here.

Sometimes when we feel highly emotional or angry and we can’t pinpoint why, it might be an old traumatic memory that has been triggered. If you were abused emotionally, physically, or sexually in the past, these memories will be stored in the emotional brain, largely unprocessed. Anything that reminds the emotional brain of the memory, a sight, sound, or smell that was associated with the traumatic event can trigger the stored emotions of the event.

Sometimes, people remind us of past abusers, and we transfer feelings of anger onto them. This can especially happen in relationships when a partner does or says something that triggers unconscious memories from the past and the emotions associated with them. So, in trying to make sense of your anger, think about the person who is the “real” target.

Sometimes, anger is based in a deep connection to the collective consciousness of pain and a history of patriarchal rules that have repressed the feminine in all its forms. There’s no denying that society is set up to favour the masculine. So, are you SURE you don’t feel angry?

The good news is that anger is not all bad. Anger tells us we need to take action to put something right. It gives us energy and motivates us to act. Anger is powerful. It gives us strength and courage to face injustices and stand up for ourselves. When we are angry, we often feel empowered.

If you are now wondering what to do about this anger that you have been feeling, you might like to join me for this unique workshop series. We can help you answer the question of “why am I so emotional?”

The Anger Alchemy Series is a 3-part online workshop for people seeking tools and strategies to support living from their heart, and to leverage anger as a powerful emotion for transformation. With a focus on self-exploration and collective pain issues, the series will provide reflection worksheets, facilitated discussion, tapping for anger release, breathwork, and soul healing techniques. Led by Pip Coleman and Natalie Biviano, the workshop will be held via Zoom on 7th June, 14th June, and 21st June.
Investment: $895 includes comprehensive course workbook (digital version).

Send an email at pipcoleman@yahoo.com.au to ask questions or just book your spot on the calendar link: https://pipcoleman.simplybook.me/v2/#book-class/service/137

Who are we:

Pip Coleman is a Reiki Master, Coach, Author and Divine-ologist, based on Phillip Island, Victoria. In her 20 years of experience, she’s tried all the techniques that she teaches. So, when she works with you to feel more connected, energetic, and balanced, she’ll be authentic and real. She is the creator of the Divine Alignment Coaching Program and the author of ‘Finding my Soul at Sea’. In her courses, therapies and books, her focus is to give you practical ways to align your version of spirituality into everyday life, so that you feel certainty, clarity, peace, and joy.

Natalie is a Conscious Coach and Initiator passionate about uplifting, inspiring and reconnecting people to their soul essence so that they live intuitively. Natalie connects people to their inner wisdom and power through coaching and facilitation, leveraging neuroscience and quantum techniques.

We both live in the Bass Coast region and serve the Bunurong Country area and beyond. Both passionate about bringing more feminine ways of being into life and leadership. We bring a codex of peace, leadership, grace and passion. We have complimentary gifts and talents that are amplified and activated when we come together to share with you.

We’d love to show how you can answer the question of ‘why am I so emotional?’ in a safe space.
Blessings Pip

p.s. If you have any questions about the workshop series or would like to have a chat about your life situation and how my services might be helpful, you could book in a complimentary Divine Discovery phone call in my calendar.

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