Who is the Divine Alignment coaching for?

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The Divine Alignment Code is an amazing one-on-one coaching program specifically downloaded to serve my Earth Angel tribe for when you’re feeling exhausted, lost, frustrated, hopeless or disconnected from your true Self.

When I speak to most women, they are contacting me because they want:

  • To relax, de-stress, get more aligned and balanced,
  • To know and trust themselves more deeply,
  • To remember their true purpose and reignite the meaning in their life
  • To re-animate their heart and soul where (for a time) nothing has been growing (quote from Jean Shinoda Bolen, “Crossing to Avalon”).

And they are struggling with:

  • Feeling exhausted and hopeless (due to over giving)
  • Feeling disconnected from their true self or doubting themselves
  • Feeling uninspired and lacking creativity
  • Feeling lost, stuck, or frustrated with their life right now (or in a transition period eg. Menopause, leaving a job, leaving a relationship, retiring).
  • And they are asking themselves: “is this all there is?”

  • I will introduce you to the code designed for you to RESET, KNOW yourself deeply and ALIGN with your divine being.
    It’s a 5-step process:
    A – is for acknowledging where you are and clearing away the past
    L – is for love acts and rituals to take care of yourself.
    I – is for intuitive skills to grow your self-trust.
    G – is for getting guidance and self-knowledge.
    N – is for nurturing your future vision.
    By using simple mind-body-spirit alignment techniques, I will guide you to reconnect and remember your true Divine Self so that you’ll feel more hope, certainty, peace, joy and meaning.

Module 1 – A is for acknowledging and honouring youself – it includes clearing the energy of drama, calling back your power and confidence, bringing light to the shadows with some questions for self-enquiry and you’ll learn a gentle process to sooth your fears and let go of anxiety, so you can be more in touch with your soul.

Module 2 – L is for love acts – it includes grounding techniques to release over-thinking, a powerful ‘I am willing to love myself’ healing process, a process for saying ‘No’ if you are constantly over-giving, and you’ll enjoy a nurturing Divine Being Alignment treatment, so you can heal, reset and rebalance your body too.

Module 3 – I is for intuitive skills – it includes embracing your natural psychic abilities, a simple cleansing the third eye process, and you’ll practise connecting with your Divine Inner Being, your Guardian Angels, Departed Loved Ones, Past Lives and Animal Spirit Guides.

Module 4 – G is for guidance – it includes understanding your personality strengths and challenges with Numerology / Feng Shui and you’ll answer some deeper questions for transformation, to know yourself more completely and amplify your self-confidence. Who are you? What is your life legacy? How are you BEING on the planet?

Module 5 – N is for nurturing your future vision – it includes using the questions for transformation to design your own visual manifestation of your life path. Moving with deliberate intention in life comes from identifying your joy or “passion points”. Understanding your why (or the purpose of your life) will uncover the inspiration behind all your decisions.

This program is individually tailored to you and your concerns, goals and desires.
10 x 60-minute coaching sessions (online or in-person); 30+ hours of online content (meditations, videos and more) and copies of my book and journal – and some other cool gifts!!

Now ALSO available as a self-paced online program: CHECK IT OUT HERE

Book in a complimentary Divine Discovery phone call HERE or email on pipcoleman@yahoo.com.au

“I’ve worked with Pip consistently over many years. She was the key person to help me when I was ready to take that step from being curious about all things spiritual, to actually understanding what it’s all about. She also gave me tools and strategies to bring the practice into my own life. The difference this has made to my life is something I can’t even put into words! And that’s all parts of my life – family, relationships, health, business, finances, and of course my overall well-being. It’s also introduced me to a like-minded community which is something that’s been missing for me.
As a business advisor, spirituality is not always part of my day-to-day experience or conversations, which means that sometimes I forget to practice my skills. Not surprisingly, whenever I find myself feeling stressed, anxious, or that things are out of control, it’s when haven’t been practising the simple skills I’ve learned. Most of these skills are easy and don’t take up a lot of time, but when you’re not in the environment on a regular basis, it can be easy to forget to automatically reach for them. I guess it’s like going to the gym – if you stop going, you lose muscle.
One of the best decisions I’ve made recently was signing up for ‘The Divine Alignment Code’™ program. Not only was it an amazing refresher of the teachings, tools and skills, but it also brought everything back to the front of mind and into my day-to-day life. And so now, well before becoming stressed, I’m remembering to easily reach for things like meditation, EFT, calling on guidance, intuition, mediumship and so much more.
I highly recommend the ‘The Divine Alignment Code’™ for anyone who is feeling discontent, frustrated, empty, hopeless … and wants to answer the question “is this all there is?”… “
(Caren Hendrie; Business Growth Advisor & Trainer, International Speaker, Best-selling Author, Business(es) Owner, Corporate trainer, Awarded ‘A Female Entrepreneur to Watch’ by Woman Entrepreneur Magazine)

“At my age, and after multiple personal and professional coaching programs, you get to the point where you feel like there’s not much new out there – just new packaging of the same old stuff. Having worked with Pip previously, I was hopeful I might get a few new tools out of her Divine Alignment Coaching sessions.
What I didn’t expect was to end EVERY session saying: “WOW – if that was the only thing I got out of this entire program it was worth every cent”!! New ways of thinking. New ways to put old thoughts and old habits out of commission. I have laughed, I have cried, I have re-examined my beliefs (no mean feat given I am almost 50).
I have been provided tools I can immediately put into practice and provided a framework to look at what’s really driving my behaviours – and then best of all what I can do next! I can honestly say this is program is part spiritual enlightenment, part intervention, part therapy and part a how to re-architect your life framework. I would literally rate this among the top 5 things I have ever spent money on. Thanks Pip. Blessed to have found you.”
(Sharon – Executive IT Manager)

“The best thing about Pip’s Divine Alignment Coaching was the Spiritual Mind Map session. To really understand my purpose and make it tangible and practical was eye-opening, enlightening and just “wow”. Yes, there were tears of joy!
I also really found value from the Soul Healing Letters session. I wasn’t sure that I could do the process, as I didn’t fully trust my intuition and my critical voice can be very loud, however, I trusted Pip. So, I wrote the 3 letters to myself. I was not as angry or fearful as I thought I’d be. The words just flowed onto the paper. It was completely different writing than I’ve done before. I heard myself say “That’s not my ego writing, that’s my Soul.” After I had burned the letters, I felt clear and like I had a resolution. Then this week there was an incident with my biggest client, and I made the decision to let her go. She has always been difficult and toxic. I just found myself thinking “Enough is enough. I’m not going to settle. It’s not all about the money. I deserve respect. I’m not going to allow the toxicity from anyone else anymore.” This was a big shift for me.
To be honest, I’m a self-confessed ‘magic pill seeker’ … so I have to admit, that I didn’t do all the online course content, but I did attend all of the 1:1 coaching sessions with Pip. Now I feel I am open to better clients; better relationships and I respect myself more. Thank you.”
(Leah Egan 2022 – business owner / bookkeeper)

“I first connected with Pip through some Reiki – Energy Healing sessions. My life was feeling very heavy, and I felt stuck in my mind and body. I consider myself to be a very positive person that always trys to see the light in life, however, my energy and zest was low and clouded. Those first sessions with Pip, I was starting to already feel lighter and working out what was holding me down. We had an initial chat about the 10-week coaching course Pip offers and i was ticking all the boxes to sign up… so i did and never looked back.
Each week was a chance to delve into more of what was troubling or blocking me and to work through the steps of A.L.I.G.N. It has been an amazing course that has helped me love, appreciate, and know my true divine self. I feel clearer, lighter, hopeful and have these amazing tools to take forward on my journey. Pip was there every step of the way, to guide me, listen to me and be my own personal cheerleader to reach my goal… and that I did! I can’t thank Pip enough.”
(Amy Laker 2022 – Manager)

“While I was completing the Divine Alignment Coaching program, I easily found myself diving deep! Pip’s commitment helps me honestly look within myself and continues. This personal journey of discovery has me asking those profound questions you have to dig deep to answer. Being truthful is the only way!
I appreciated Pip’s gentle coaching style and felt comforted in our conversations, even when it was challenging. Thanks Pip”
(Mary – Retail Assistant)

“Pip is an amazing authentic spiritual mentor; she is bubbly and open, and I felt comfortable with her straight away!! Pip’s knowledge and storytelling is really engaging and inspiring. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is in on a path of spiritual awakening. Thank you for the last few weeks, Pip it’s been amazing! I honestly wouldn’t change anything about the coaching. I really loved it and its most certainly left me wanting to discover more!!!”
(Jodie – Disability Support)

Book in a complimentary Divine Discovery phone call HERE to discuss if this is the right program for you, or email your questions to pipcoleman@yahoo.com.au

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