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​This weeks blog is about asking the question: Where are you censoring yourself? 

Telling the truth – What does that really mean? How do you know when you are not? 

Well … do you feel tired, resentful, sick … ? 

Then you are probably not being truthful. 

When you are not honouring your true feelings it causes a mis-alignment or dis-ease in your energy and your body.

Saying yes when you mean yes … Kris Carr says that when we learn how to distinguish between a full body YES and a HELL NO … then we can be truly authentic in our answers to requests. Listen to your body.

Saying no when you mean no … Cheryl Richardson says that it is important to give yourself space before answering a request and then if the answer is not a definite ‘Yes’ … then it is a ‘No’ … we need to learn how to say it gracefully and with love … this begins the practice of disappointing another to be loving to yourself. 

As I am writing my book about my experiences working on board cruise ships, I’m being asked to step up and be honest. 

My scratchy throat … is my physical indication that I am not speaking up about something in my life. It’s not a cold or the flu coming on – as I once thought. Because as soon as I identify what it is that I need to say (to myself or another person), the scratchy throat goes away.  

I’m being pushed to really express my fears, my desires, my heartbreak and my joys.  

It was going to be book of fictional stories but I felt guided to write it with integrity as a biography. And I realised that if this book is to be a truly authentic account, I need to share fully – no censoring. It is confronting and liberating. 

I’m healing old wounds, I’m learning and growing … I feel like I’m being more ME now.

How can you apply this to your life? 

First question to ask is: 
Where are you censoring yourself? 

Let me know if I can help you. 
Blessings and love 
Pip xxx

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