When will you have the book in your hand?

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This week’s blog is all about … Me! … well … actually my book … 
Yep … ‘Finding my Soul at Sea’ is one step closer to being born. 
And the crowd goes wild !!! *laugh* 
I had a meeting with my publisher (Ocean Reeve) on Saturday morning and the good news is that we are officially starting the next phase of the book production. 
Seriously … happy crazy-arms-dance in the living room … 
Yes people … it is happening!
The cover, the formatting and the eBook are now set in motion.
And I can hear my friend Phil saying: ‘But when will I have the book in my hand, Pip??!!’ 
Thank you for your (weekly) … gentle harassment, Phil … you have kept me on course. 
I can confirm that in approximately 6 weeks we will be ready for pre-sales!

When I officially started writing the book in November 2017, we thought it would be ready for launching at Christmas time 2018. 
But things were delayed.
Partly because of finances and … honestly, partly because of my fears of success.
What will people think of me?
Will everyone like what I say about them?
What if …?
What about …?
What then …?

When you put something out there into the world that is a heart-project and part of your life purpose, there is fear.
Cheryl Richardson says that when you step onto your life purpose path there will be more fear than if you don’t.
Doesn’t that make sense though?
Doing something you deeply care about and connect to … it means more.
If you are doing something that means nothing to you … there is no emotion attached. 
That is why Life Coaches and Mentors have said for thousands of years … ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’.

I get this statement now. 
I’ve previously thought … no no no … if you feel fear that is BAD! 
If you feel fear … that is an indicator that you are going in the WRONG direction!
Now I understand that there are TWO types of fear.
1. Fear = that is keeping you safe and protecting you from danger eg. being chased by a tiger or about to have a fight
2. Fear = that is letting you know you are on the edge of transformation eg. about to sign a contract to publish your book. 
Because if you feel fear around these life purpose steps it means you are growing and moving in the right direction.

How do you tell the difference?
Good question!
I know the difference by the feelings in my body.
If I am feeling the keep-me-safe fear then it’s heart pounding, throat dry, and it’s all in my belly, like a hard ball. 
If I am feeling the transformational fear then it’s nervousness mixed with excitement, like a soft-serve ice-cream swirl. 
The feeling goes up to my heart and back to my belly and around in a swirl. 
That’s how I know.
I’d love to hear how you know.
And if you need some help to get clear on your goals or life purpose, feel free to give me a call or send me an email.

Stay tuned my friends … 
I will keep you in the loop, I promise!
If you have just joined my mailing list you may be wondering what the book is about.
Well, CLICK HERE to check out the blurb for ‘Finding my Soul at Sea’ – a collection of stories about a spiritual journey in a very non-spiritual space … working on cruise ships. 
Blessings Pip x

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