What’s your anger story?

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I watched my sister being disciplined when she stomped and yelled and slammed doors, being told to leave the room and “don’t come back until you’ve calmed down.”
My family are not good at expressing anger.
I was taught that being angry and telling people about it was not acceptable.
The thing to do if I was angry was push it down and don’t say it out-loud.
Because if you expressed anger, it was not received well.
In fact, love and affection could be withdrawn.
My sister was allowed to come back and talk about her issues, but not when she was in the anger state.
But there was not any instruction on how to dissolve the anger or change it in any way.
Let me be clear, leaving the room to ‘cool down’ is a good way to give yourself space in the heat of a situation. It can really help to clear your energy. However, being asked to leave the room just BECAUSE you are angry is not supporting and honouring the emotional response.
Suppression is just one of the ways that women are taught that it’s not okay to express your feelings.
And I say women … because it happens most often to women in our society.
If you have been told that anger is ‘un-lady-like’ or ‘bad’ or ‘ugly’ or an ‘overreaction’ that is suppression.
If you have been rejected or shut down or disciplined because you were angry, that is suppression.
The fact is that it is a lot more acceptable for men to express anger.
It’s considered part of their essential nature.
It’s usually considered justified.
It’s sometimes revered and even celebrated.
Sure, there are some occasions when an expression of anger, by a man, is not welcomed or approved of.
But they are usually not told it’s ‘un-manly’, ‘over-emotional’ or ‘hormonal’.
So, let’s say it together ladies, … “this SUCKS!”
Now you’re probably feeling angry that you’ve not been allowed to be angry.
That’s okay … awareness is the first step to healing.
And even though I always thought I was not a person who got angry, I now know that I was actually squashing those feelings down, so that I’d be more digestible to the people around me.
I was allowed to be frustrated and maybe a bit peeved. But overt anger was a no-no.
And the thing is … now that I know we’ve all be conditioned to think and react in these ways, I can be compassionate to the people who are doing the suppressing – including myself.
“They know not what they do.”
That’s the second step to healing – being compassionate to yourself and others.
Then there is the next step … what can you do differently? How can you hold space and honour your anger? How can you allow yourself and others to be angry and safe? And, how can you transform it?
That is why my amazing colleague, Nat Biviano, and I are facilitating the Anger Alchemy series in June.

Anger Alchemy is a 3 part series – Acknowledge, Honour and Transform.
Our intention over the 3-part series is to take you on a journey of self-exploration and to deepen your awareness into anger and how to leverage this powerful emotion to transform your life.
The journey will support you to reconnect with your anger and the anger shared by the collective. To hold space for it. To allow it. To speak it. To alchemise it.
By the end you will have a deeper awareness into our collective pain, tools and tips to release and shift anger.
We take you on a journey of self-exploration, into the collective pain of living in a patriarchal society and how this impacts you today. From understanding and awareness to acceptance, release and techniques for alchemising the anger into action – meaningful change.

Who this is for:

  • For those who are feeling frustrated, exhausted, anxious.
  • Who are ready to embody a more balanced way of living and being integrating more feminine wisdom.
  • Who are seeking tools and strategies to support living from their heart.

Souls we are calling in:
Woman who are doing the healing work already.
Senior leaders, executives, managers.
The new way showers.
Who know a deep truth.
Who are here to create the new earth.

Questions Anger Alchemy is for:
Are you doing too much?
Are you feeling undervalued?
Are you taken advantage of? In your home, workplace, community? Family?
Are you giving without receiving in balance?
Are you described as over sensitive? Over emotional?
Do you feel an uneasy, unsettling residual feeling?
Are you seeking healthy ways to express yourself?
Are you sick of doing the office admin? Busy work? Thankless tasks?
Are you over female voices being suppressed?
Are you ready to set and honour boundaries?
Are you ready to listen deeply to your feelings and get curious about them?
Are you ready to shine a light on your big emotions?
Are you ready to release anger before it develops into rage?
Do you want to break cycles for past and future generations?
Are you ready to heal and learn techniques for self exploration and reflection?

Intention Why:
· To raise awareness and understanding into collective feminine pain, ancestral wounding that we carry in our cells.
· Provide tools and strategies to identify anger – reflective practices.
· Provide release avenues and ongoing support.
· Transformation techniques – from anger to action.

What: 3 x 2 hour workshops – meditation, tapping, sharing content, self reflection worksheets, facilitated discussion, kundalini yoga, breathwork.
When: 7th June 14th June 21st June from 7:30pm
Where: zoom
What to bring: pen/pencils, journal or paper. Recommend printing the worksheets in advance.
What we provide: digital workbook

Who are we:
Pip Coleman is a Reiki Master, Coach, Author and Divine-ologist, based on Phillip Island, Victoria. In her 20 years of experience, she’s tried all the techniques that she teaches. So, when she works with you to feel more connected, energetic, and balanced, she’ll be authentic and real.
She is the creator of the Divine Alignment Coaching Program and the author of ‘Finding my Soul at Sea’. In her courses, therapies and books, her focus is to give you practical ways to align your version of spirituality into everyday life, so that you feel certainty, clarity, peace and joy.

Natalie is a Conscious Coach and Initiator passionate about uplifting, inspiring and reconnecting people to their soul essence so that they live intuitively. Natalie connects people to their inner wisdom and power through coaching and facilitation, leveraging neuroscience and quantum techniques.

We both live in the Bass Coast region and serve the Bunurong Country area and beyond. Both passionate about bringing more feminine ways of being into life and leadership.
We both bring a codex of peace, leadership, grace and passion.
We have complimentary gifts and talents that are amplified and activated when we come together to share with you.

Price: 3 x 2-hour sessions delivered via zoom – investment: $895.
Book by 15th May for Early bird rate $750.
BOOKING LINK: https://pipcoleman.simplybook.me/v2/#book-class/service/137

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