What’s your 2020 vision?

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This week’s blog is about bragging and seeing clearly.  
As we are getting to the end of the year (and the end of a decade) it’s a great time to look back at how we’ve grown and celebrate our successes. Denise Duffield-Thomas who wrote the book ‘Lucky Bitch’ suggests that we do a ‘Brag List’.
If you think 2019 sucked this is a great way to re-frame it. 

The exercise is to make a list of everything you’re proud of over the last year.
First – do this with a partner.
That’s key, so you don’t chicken out and get all bashful, like “I dunno. I guess I did some … stuff..?”
It’s best to do this with someone who gets you and really “sees” you and your accomplishments and who will draw more out of you.
Take turns asking each other what you’re proud of.
Start with “I’m proud of…” and list out things like:
Business accomplishments
Tricky situations that you dealt with
Boundaries you enforced
Goals you hit
Personal accomplishments
Anything that you want to acknowledge yourself for. Don’t be shy or modest. Time to really shine a light on everything you’ve done.
And seriously – it’s kind of hard to remember everything. So, here’s how to take it to the next level. Your partner simply asks you;
“What else?”
And then silence. No prompting. No jumping in for their turn. 
Just ask the question “What else?” and wait.
Keep asking until you have at LEAST 50 brags.
There will be lots of pauses when you think you’re done and then, “Oh yeah! I forgot about this one!” Then keep asking, “What else?”
Trust me, you’ll be buzzing at the end of it, so don’t give up.
The list of brags is important but the question “What else?” is extremely important. You’ll probably get stuck at about five things you’re proud of, because you don’t want to brag, you discount your accomplishments or you’ve just forgotten.
Bragging is GOOD for you. It’s awesome to remember everything, it’s great for manifesting to acknowledge all your wins, big and small so you can attract even more luck and abundance into the new year.

December is also a good time to begin, what I am now calling my “Intentional List of Fun” (I.L.O.F) for next year (or next decade, if you feel inspired to over-achieve). 

My I.L.O.F in the past has been filled with items I wanted to buy or win or earn. In the last few years it’s changed to include emotional states (like be happy, be hopeful, be peaceful, be forgiving, be passionate) and people I’d like to spend time with (friends or family or clients) and experiences I’d like to have (like going to LA for a concert or high tea at the Ritz Hotel London or a massage & dip in the Peninsula Hot Springs). 

As always I will remind you that your mind is a VERY powerful tool … so be careful how you use it. 
I believe most people do unconscious lists and wonder why their life is messy and surprising (and not in a good way). 

Why not use Denise‘s ‘what else?’ process for your 20/20 vision too. 
Ask yourself ‘What fun do I want to have for 2020 in my love life, career, health and family?’ 
And when you get stuck … ask yourself (or your friend can say) ‘what else?’ 
You will keep connecting the dots, feel more inspired and get more answers if you keep asking, … 
But if you say ‘I don’t know’ … it stops the flow. 

My top 5 things on my I.L.O.F are: 
1. Live launch events for my book Jan, Feb and July (so far).
2. Expand my business online
3. Deepen my yoga practice
4. Heal Thy Money Mindset course
5. Open my heart to romance

I invite you to share your top 3 brags for 2019 and your top 3 fun things for 2020 on my Facebook page: @Conscious Courses and Therapies – CLICK HERE: www.facebook.com.au/consciouscoursesandtherapies 
Then we can share 
Happy holidays xxx 
Blessings Pip 
p.s. Gift vouchers are available for Christmas.
p.p.s One-on-one treatments / coaching / meditation sessions are available throughout the school holidays. 

Website: www.pipcoleman.com 
Contact: 0437670820

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