What the heck is a Divine-ologist?

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These last few months, I’ve been working with my business coach to upgrade my 1:1 coaching program and recently she asked me to come up with a statement to describe who I am and what I do.

I said: “When I started out 25 years ago I used to call myself a Reiki practitioner and meditation teacher. Then I added my Bowen Therapy and Angel Intuitive qualifications. And in the last 10 years I’ve been doing spiritual counselling, teaching psychic development classes and I became a published author.”

She said: “Yes you’ve changed and evolved the business over this past 10 years. So, what is the best title to describe you now?”

I said: “Well, I’m connecting people their Divine self. I remind them that they are Divine souls. And I teach them how to easily communicate with their Divine guides. I’m like a … Psychologist for the Divine … what I do is Divine-ology. … hey!! I’m a Divine-ologist!!! … oh I’ve got goosebumps!” (laughing)

She said: “Oooooooo I love it! Yes! I’ve never heard anyone call themselves that before. This is great!”

This conversation got me thinking about what other people’s “OLOGY” could be … so let’s start with your skills. The things you are good at. The things you like doing. The things you find easy and fun.

Are you good at cooking, organising, designing, building, dancing, magic, gardening, electronics, crafting, accounting, music, coding, gaming, writing, driving, listening? …

Everyone has a unique skill set that makes them happy, it’s easy for them and it usually serves the world (family and community) in some positive way.

The key is the feeling of happiness and it’s really EASY for you.

For example, maybe you love to organize cupboards. Not everyone finds it easy, or enjoyable, to organise their home. If you do, then you might be the perfect person for them. This could be a job or even a business idea for you.

It’s sort of like that Go Fish game … match the skill set with the need. Oh no, that’s not Go Fish … ha ha … what game am I thinking of? … Is it Guess Who? … anyway … it’s like puzzle pieces fitting together perfectly. Yes!

And when you recognise what that thing is for you that’s your OLOGY!

You could be a Food-oligist.

A Craft-oligist!

A Shoe-ologist!

A Dance-ologist!

You get my drift …

Answer me this … in your life right now … Are you happy? Are you having fun? Are you fulfilled? Is what you do for a living easy?

If the answer to these questions is “no” – it’s time to take a time to honestly reflect, forgive yourself for getting off track and then realign. Now is the perfect time to reset, it’s Spring! The season of beginnings and new ideas and fresh starts.

I’m excited because I have a way to help you re-discover your OLOGY …

My highest intention is to help you make a meaningful connection with your Divine Guides, so that you have a personal relationship that’s fun, easy and creates space to remember your Soul’s spiritual truth.

We are all Divine Souls and remembering your natural ability to connect with the Universe and these higher beings, gives confidence. And it soothes your overthinking mind and worried ego.

Knowing that YOU are eternal and multi-dimensional (not just the guides) is a profound shift in consciousness that relieves fear and anxiety. If more people had that level of awareness and awakening the world would be a very different place.

This is what people are referring to when they speak of the ascension consciousness*.

You are always growing and becoming more aware, you can’t help it. That’s how souls work. We’re meant to evolve. Some do it quickly. Some do it slowly. Some kicking and screaming. And eventually we will all evolve to a point of ascension and go back “home”; it just might take centuries for some of us.

I am so excited and blessed to be part of your journey of Soul evolution.

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Blessings Pip

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