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This weeks blog is about how Reiki energy healing can relieve your cold. 

So, what is your cold / flu rating right now? 

Low … I’m good, no pain, no aches, no issues, … feeling just okay but could use some maintenance – just in case!

Medium … I’m on the edge, nose and throat are scratchy, some aches, maybe a little uncomfortable in the stomach and joints.

High … I’ve tipped over the edge into cold and flu land, headache, sore throat, cough, sneezing, pain in sinuses, … the works! Thanks for asking.

My pleasure … first let me give you a virtual *hug* 

I have just come to the end of my first cold in about 5 years. 
SERIOUSLY! … I moved down to Phillip Island and changed my whole life of stress to a more relaxed, calm and healing life.
And I am SO glad I did. 

But I admit I have been burning the candle at both ends this month. 
Writing my new business plan.
Running my business.
Looking for part time work.

So, when my throat started to scratch I thought I could ‘get rid of it’ by just drinking some echinacea and lemon tea. 
Not this time. 
I’d pushed my body too far. 

So, I had to bring out the big guns.
Last week I wrote a blog about the 8 tips to boost your immunity (check it out for more ideas to take care of yourself). 
AND … 
I have to tell you that there is one thing I missed off that list.

As a Reiki Master I use Reiki energy healing every day on myself to clear my energy, lift my mood, give me ideas, manifest goals, reduce pain, manage my stress levels, heal relationships, and much more … 

I am here today to let you know that even I forget to use my skills sometimes. Everyone is fallible. 

So, as my throat got scratchier, my nose got runnier, and my head got achier … I realised I needed to do less DOING and more RESTING. 

And the perfect way to heal with ease is with Reiki.

If you haven’t done your Reiki Level One, Two or Master level course, you can book in with me for a 60 minute IMMUNITY BOOSTING REIKI ENERGY HEALING session* and we will do it together. 

If you have done your Reiki Level One, Two or Master level course remember you can practise your hands-on self-healing process. 
BUT, if you feel you really NEED MORE ENERGY, then you can always book in to see me for a Reiki-booster. 😉

A little Reiki is better than none. 

What is your health worth to you? 
How important is it that you are fully on your game this winter?

I’m feeling 100% better now that I gave myself the gift of self-care.
Let me know how I can help you. 
Blessings Pip x

*A 60 minute IMMUNITY BOOSTING REIKI SESSION is $100 (with bonus clear quartz crystal for extra sinus-clearing magic).

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