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This week’s blog is about understanding your body’s messages … 
I’ve got a couple of recurring pain spots in my body.
My left ankle and my left shoulder … and this week I’ve had an issue with my left eye. 

Now I know that the left side of the body represents the feminine – the spiritual, receiving and relationships / love. The right side represents the masculine – the practical, giving and work / career. 

Louise Hay says that for us to become whole and healthy “… we must balance the body, mind and spirit. We need to take good care of our bodies. We need to have a positive mental attitude about ourselves and our life. And we need to have a strong spiritual connection. When these three things are balanced, we rejoice in living. No doctor, no health practitioner can give us this unless we take part in our healing process.”

We spend a lot of time looking outside ourselves for answers, healing and solutions, when we have the power to awaken and heal ourselves.

So, in Louise’s book she says that the mental cause of the pain in my left ankle (Achilles tendon specifically) is related to inflexibility and guilt. Ankles represent the ability to receive pleasure. She suggests a new way of thinking (whenever I feel pain or restriction in the ankle) to say:
“I deserve to rejoice in life. I accept all the pleasure life has to offer.”
And since it’s my left ankle we can assume that the focus of healing needs to be on my inflexibility around relationships and love.

My left shoulder is related to represent our ability to carry our experiences in life joyously. We make life a burden by our attitude. Shoulders also represent carrying other’s emotional stuff. She suggests the following affirmation: “I choose to allow all my experiences to be joyous and loving.” And as with my ankle, we can assume that the focus of my healing needs to be on my letting go of any burdens from relationship and love experiences. 

And finally this week … the left eye – eye issues represent not liking what you see in your own life. She suggests the following affirmation: 
“I now create a life I love to look at.” And as with my ankle and shoulder, we can assume that the focus of my healing needs to be on being willing to really clearly see my relationships and love myself. 

Interesting huh?
I am constantly learning more about myself and my body every day.
There is always another layer to uncover.
We are perfectly and forever an unfinished work of human art.

If you would like to understand and interpret your body’s messages, for the purpose of healing and growth, send me an email or call me on 0437670820 and book in a consultation time.
You deserve to be happy and healthy.

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