What if I’m your Betsy?

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Funny story … you may not know this about me … but when I was at University, studying to be a Psychologist, one weekend I wandered (randomly) into a Psychic Fair and met a lady called Betsy who did card readings. I was drawn to her.
Note – at that stage I didn’t understand the law of attraction, or energy, or anything about divine timing.
She told me that I was going to be doing card readings and teaching psychic development in my future.
I said ‘What? No!’ I thought she was a crazy person.
Well, I guess she really was tapped in huh?!
Now, 25 years later, I run a business as a Divine-ologist – and I can teach you how to realign yourself with your divine guides, embrace your natural psychic abilities, and trust yourself so that you can get the job you want, follow through on your goals, enhance your health, get inspired, improve your relationships, and MOST importantly rediscover the meaning of your life.
What if I am YOUR Betsy?
Are you feeling frustrated, discontented, hopeless and you’re asking the seeker questions like: ‘is this all there is?’ …
And you want to feel content, hopeful, confident and connected with your family, friends, and life purpose.
You are not alone.
The last 3 years have thrown us all for a loop.
Let’s be honest, we’ve been collectively traumatised.
And that’s why you might still get anxious when someone coughs, or feel your heart race when there is a ‘special bulletin’, or think twice about booking an event or holiday too far in advance.
Our lives have changed so much.
And normal change can make you feel unsafe and out of control. Right?
This change was worldwide and next level.
I felt the pain, like you, and it was hard.
And after I had calmed and re-centred myself.
Yes, I know I bang on about this, but fact … SELF CARE IS KEY …
Then I asked: ‘How can I help support others?’
So, one of the things that I did during the last 3 years is create an online coaching program to help people to navigate the unknown and uncertainty, by coming back into alignment with their Divine Self.
And this month, I am offering SPECIAL ACCESS to module one of my Divine Alignment Code coaching program for FREE … it will help you to deeply acknowledge, accept, and honour yourself.
It’s my gift to you.
The idea is you’ll go from disconnected, frustrated, and unsure of your purpose to confident, connected, and certain … and each video is only around 7 minutes. You’ll also get some great tools and divine resources that you can use forever.
And remember … IT’S FREE! No strings. Cool huh?
In module one you’ll clear the energy of drama, calling back your power and confidence, bringing light to the shadows with questions for self-enquiry, celebrate your past successes, connect with your guardian angels (and archangels) and you’ll learn a gentle process to sooth your fears and let go of anxiety, so that you can get in touch with your Soul Self.
This offer is only available until 30th November 2023.
Sign up HERE: https://divinealignedbeing.thinkific.com/users/checkout/auth
What an amazing gift to give yourself.
Send me an email to ask questions at pipcoleman@yahoo.com.au

I’d love to know ‘what if I’m YOUR Betsy?’
Blessings Pip x
p.s. You can read more about the Divine Alignment Code on my website: www.pipcoleman.com

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