What if I tell the truth?

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I thought I was honest in my book (and my life) … but after reading Glennon Doyle’s book ‘Untamed’ – I was deeply affected.
Maybe I could’ve even more honest. Wow! Imagine that!?

Maybe I could become even more authentic and deeply connected to myself (and others) by telling the truth more often.
Maybe I could live more honestly.
Maybe I can write my next book in a way that is more truthful.
More raw. More vulnerable.
Brene Brown speaks about vulnerability and shame and guilt.
Interesting that these feelings are so connected.

I wonder what that book would be like?
What would it include?

Growing up … truths about being a girl / woman and being the oldest sibling.
Relationships … truths about being  independent together, love, sex and heartbreak.
School … truths about bullying and friends and parent as teacher at the school.
University… truths about thinking for yourself vs regurgitation to get a good grade.
Travel … truths about going on a trip that was his not mine, and the trip(s) I booked myself. Empowerment.
Work … truths about undervaluing your skills and standing up for your rights.
Business …truths about following your dreams, losing faith, being frustrated, loving what you do and never giving up.
Spiritual development… truths about the times you let your ego get the better of you and times you were crazy in-tune connected to the universe.
Writing a book … truths about waking up, synchronic meetings, almost giving up, support from others, anxious about judgements and massive personal growth!
Knowing the truth … truths about myself, my fears, my blocks, my beliefs, my non-negotiables, my aha moments,  my bravery, and my values – and how they can help others know themselves better.

How do I feel about speaking the truth?
🤔 hmmm okay – well that’s intense. It’s exciting and I feel nervous too. 
What will I uncover in myself? 
Can I really do this? Tell it exactly how I see, feel, know it.

How do you feel about telling the truth?

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