What I learnt from Mary Magdalene’s gospel.

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Yesterday I finished reading the Mary Magdalene Revealed (by Meggan Watterson) and I felt … everything … I felt amazing …
I felt completely emotionally opened up. 

Then as I had my morning shower I was thinking about how my new book (Finding my Soul at Sea) needed a dedication in the front. 
It came to me that Mary M had the inspiration and a quote that would marry perfectly with my intention.
And this is what came through me … 

My Book Dedication 
To all the women … on board cruise ships … and all around the world … 
If you’ve ever felt that your story, your opinion or your life has not been fully expressed. 
You are worthy. 
You are divine. 
You are important. 
You deserve happiness. 
You deserve love. 
As Meggan Watterson says in the book: 
“I’m ready for … a Mary that is both, like the voice in The Thunder, Perfect Mind: ‘I am the whore, and the holy woman. I am the wife and the virgin.’ …” (p177) 
You need to embrace ALL aspects of who you are to be fully authentic.

This statement is my book, my business and my life ‘why’ expressed. 

And as I wrote it and then read it out-loud I cried …
I thought ‘Yep this is perfect.’

Why has this women who lived in the 1st century affected me so deeply? 

Well, firstly, it’s perfect timing for me to learn the lessons from her gospel … 
I need to hear about the seven powers she talks about embracing. 
I need to hear that I am fully divine AND fully human. 
I need to hear that my heart is my true spiritual centre. 
I need to hear there is no sin. 
I need to hear that Mary and Jesus were the ultimate divine couple. They took love and relationships to the highest level. 
I needed to be reminded that these truths had been hidden from me for centuries. And now it’s time to for them to come to light.
The world is ready. 
And if you are reading this … 
You are ready too. 

And today as I lay in shavasana at the end of my yoga class … 
I asked Mary for guidance. 
And I ‘heard’ … in my head and heart … 
I am here. 
I am here. 
I am here. 

Just like the PINK song that Meggan danced to when she connected with Mary’s energy at a retreat in the book. 

Oh … and I LOVE PINK too! 
Of course, she is connected to Mary’s story. 

So, I ask you to consider this week … 
Are you truly here? 
Are you authentic? 

Are you now curious to read Mary Magdalene Revealed – the first apostle, her feminist gospel and the Christianity we haven’t tried yet? 
We are discussing it at Spiritual Book Club on Thursday 29th Aug @10am.
Don’t worry if you’ve not read the book yet. You are welcome to come along and just let listen or join in the conversation. 

Check out ‘I am here’ – song by PINK … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btWXFB6L4IA
Check out ‘Mary Magdalene Revealed’ – book by Meggan Watterson … ​https://www.megganwatterson.com/mary-magdalene-revealed

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