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This week’s blog is about Past Lives … this topic lights me up! I love talking about it. I love teaching the class. I love doing the past life regressions. Love love LOVE! *grin* 
So I wanted to share with you a really profound past life memory this morning. I was listening to Hay House Radio (free app) and Denise Linn was talking about the way to recognise where and when you might have lived in a past life.
This is her top 5 of ‘how to get an idea of your past lives’:
1. Advice not remembered – where you give advice to someone and later they say thank you for that … but you don’t remember giving it. You don’t have amnesia or dementia … you may have been channeling from the past. 
2. Knowledge suddenly comes through but you don’t know how you know it. For example, when someone is talking about a particular way of cooking a meal and you suddenly know all the ingredients and how to cook it – and you’ve never made it in this lifetime. 
3. Places in the world connections – where you have a deep desire to visit a particular country or city. You are compelled in your desire. And if you go there you have an immediate and strong feeling that you belong there. 
4. Skills in your life that are mystical or unique – where you are drawn to do a class, for example a language course and you pick it up like you’ve spoken it before. 
5. Teaching from other cultures – where you find yourself reading and understanding historical or philosophical books from other cultures. It resonates with you on a soul level. You know that you’ve studied it or taught it before. 
Have you had any of these experiences?

My past life Past life journey with Denise Linn – 19/3/18
Started crying (in real life) even before I started the regression. 
Went to the meadow. 
Saw the door in front of me. 
Still crying (in real life).
Walked through the door – the sun is very warm on my face. 
(In real life the sun came out too.)
I am I man. Sailor. Well dressed. Uniform. 
I saw I was in a boat. 
Leaving a port.
A woman is standing on the dock, waving. 
We are crying – saying goodbye. 
I don’t want to leave her. She has family obligations and feels she must stay. 
I see myself going forward in the life and I know I am not going to see her again. I’m going to die at sea – the boat sinks. And I’m devastated. 

**So I decide to change the memory – this time before I leave – I ask her to come with me on the boat. And she says yes. We run away together. I know that we are destined and this is what I would do next time too. 

—When my ex-boyfriend wouldn’t leave the cruise ships with me I was devastated – but I know now he was not the one. He was just helping me to see that everyone has their own path.
This past life is why I was drawn to work on cruise ships this time. 
This is why I found myself so easily slipping into the ‘ship life’ behaviour. I’ve done it many times before. 
My next soul mate is going to travel with me. Alongside me as my companion. Their interests, their passions, their desires fulfilled. But going in the same direction. 
I now declare: I am cutting the cord of any lives of saying ‘goodbye forever’ to people I love. 

If you would like to try a simple and easy Past Life Regression – contact me to book in for Tuesday (20/3) at 7pm or Saturday (24/3) at 10am.
I look forward to assisting you with your remembering. 

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