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This week’s blog is about giving advice … we’ve all been there. 

You know, when someone is working too hard … you say ‘you should relax and slow down’.
When someone is sad … you say ‘you should do something that makes you smile’.
When someone is in pain … you say ‘you should go and see someone about that’. 
And sometimes you realise in the moment that the advice you are giving really resonates for you too.

I heard myself giving my GP advice this morning and I laughed. 
I told her that my new book (Finding my soul at sea) is at final editing stage and it’s nearly ready for pre-sale. Very excited!! 

She said ‘Wow that’s great! What’s it about?’
I said ‘Well it’s a book about self acceptance and discovering your soul’s calling in a unique environment – working on a cruise ship.’
She said ‘Sounds interesting. I’ve written a book too.’
I said ‘That’s cool – what is it about?’ 
She said ‘Holistic medicine.’ 
I said ‘When did you write it?’
She said ‘It was self-published in 2015. But I haven’t sold heaps. I’m not very good at marketing.’ 

I then proceeded to say how marketing a book is very similar to marketing any business. It is about people getting to know you and why you wrote the book. And then they buy because they resonate with your story and your beliefs.

I encouraged her to have a book launch because she never did one before. I said ‘Now you are more confident and secure – it’d be the perfect time.’

What made me laugh is that one of MY key challenges with the book marketing process has been understanding how to sell a book as compared to my courses and therapies. And here I was telling another person how it’s basically the same process. Funny huh?

I invite you this week to listen to the advice that you are giving others.
Notice if the advice resonates with what you are living.
We tend to attract people to us that are going through the same things.
So, I ask you to consider … taking your own good advice. 

Blessings Pip x
p.s. I will keep you updated on my next steps in the book publishing process as they happen. Thank you all for your fantastic support.
​I look forward to having a hard copy in my (and your hands) ASAP!!

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