Week 39 – Starfish and Green Gumboots messages

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This weekend I was talking to my sister about play.  
And we realised that as adults we spend A LOT of time being serious.
We go to work. We exercise. We walk. We shop. We eat. We walk the dog. 
And that’s not to say that these activities weren’t enjoyable and even relaxing … but where is the playfulness in all of that?

I just got a new pair of super-sleek and sexy green gumboots (from Merry People – I’ll put their website link at the end).
And I said to Marnie … “Okay, in honour of playing more … I’m going to the beach right now, to play in the water!”
You can watch the video on my Facebook page – link is at the bottom of this page. 

And while I was playing on the beach I came across a HUGE red starfish.
When I got home I looked up what the message was in Dr Stephen Farmer’s Animal Spirit Guides book and it said:
Starfish means …
-Keep your senses open to the new opportunities that are about to appear, and trust your intuition about which are the right ones to take advantage of.
-In spite of what others say, do things the way you want to even if it’s unusual or different from how most people would do them.
-There’s no need to hurry, so take your time getting where you want to go.
-In spite of any recent losses, trust that you’ll fully recover and start anew.
-Someone in your circle of friends or family is in need of your compassionate understanding.
-Meditate on the felt connection to All-That-Is and your place on earth and in the cosmos.

Often the simple things that you enjoyed as children or teenagers are what can light you up, give you confidence and have lots of fun. When you are a child you are curious, playful, full of optimism, resilient, and spontaneous. 
So … I invite you to take the PLAY CHALLENGE this month … 
Go to a playground and play on the swings, slide & monkey bars
Go to a grassy spot and lie down to do some cloud-watching
Go to the beach with no shoes on and build sandcastles
Go out in the rain and jump in some puddles
Go to your local icecream / gelato shop and buy your favourite flavour

What else could you do? It’s your playtime … 

You can check out the Merry People website here: https://merrypeople.com/ 
Or their Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/merrypeoplerainwear/

Video of playing in my gumbootshttps://www.facebook.com/573030416/videos/10164118979055417/

Blessings Pip 

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