Week 38 – New Moon in Libra (17th Oct) Card Reading

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Thought you might like this 3-card spread for the New Moon from Yasmin Boland’s new Moonology oracle card deck. 

Do this spread at the time of the New Moon or as soon after it as you can, before it changes phases. The New Moon is a time for new starts. As you select the cards this about the coming month and ask the Divine to guide you to cards that will help you understand the energies that lie ahead. The layout will also work if you ask a specific question about the month ahead. 

Card 1 – What’s rising up in me?
Card 2 – The main message this New Moon
Card 3 – The final outcome

These are the cards that I pulled for my tribe … Watch the video here: https://fb.watch/1fiy9JUmU9/

Card 1. Show the world the real you – full moon in Aquarius ♒️
Every full moon is a time to release and let go but the addition of Aquarius energy to the mix triples that message. Aquarius is the opposite of clingy and pulling this card at any time suggests either you need to let go or someone is thinking they are the ones who need to let go – perhaps of you. What needs to go? What is the right thing to do? Whatever happens next could be highly unconventional or unexpected.

Card 2. A new start is coming – new moon 🌑
The new moon marks the start of the waxing cycle and the mid-point of the dark moon. It’s a dark and veiled time, when the moon is invisible, and a time of rebirth. It’s a time that witches do their work, making wishes, and laying down intentions for a new cycle; an intensely magical time, when it’s easier to pierce the veil to other worlds.

Card 3. A fiery climax approaches – full moon in Aries ♈️
The full moon in Aries is a super fiery Tim, when emotions can run very high. On the upside, there is excitement about what may lie ahead, but tempers may flare, with rash comments or decisions. No matter when you pull this card, it signals that the situation has just, or is about to, come to a peak, perhaps in a rather heated way. There could be a price to pay if you have been too competitive or too blunt.

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​Blessings Pip 

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