Week 37 – Moon Meditation Magic

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For centuries the shamans and healers have prescribed using the light and energy of the moon during all the phases to realign and rebalance.
The moon has powerful magical energies not only to affect the tides.  
Full moon – is the time for releasing and letting go.  
New moon – is the time for setting intentions and manifesting desires.  
You can tap into the moon energy too. 

Try this very simple Moon Infusion Meditation:  
Settle into a comfortable position preferably somewhere that the moonlight is resting on you. 
Start by taking some deep cleansing breaths. Deep breath in through your nose. And out through your mouth.
Imagine the Moon above you in this moment. The glorious size, the shape, the brightness, the reflective light, and the energy that washes over you.
Let this powerful cosmic energy affect your physical body. Notice where it chooses to settle first. Notice which areas seem to be affected most by its intensity.
As you lay in the light of the moon, allow the energy to wash away any and all tension you hold in your body.
Surrender. Surrender to the energy.  
With every exhale offer something new up to this glorious Moon before you.  
Notice yourself getting lighter and lighter. Leaving room — space — for the energy that serves you.
That moon energy nourishes you.

Blessings Pip x

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