Week 36 – Journalling Your Way

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It’s the new trendy thing … but it’s not a new concept. Journalling has been around for centuries. Anyone who has a thought they wanted to preserve, journaled.  Explorers. Queens. Writers. Teachers. Poets. Comedians. Lawyers. Parents. Activists. Students. Lovers.
The list goes on and on.

Nowadays it’s not just a notes on paper  thing. Digital journals are becoming more popular.
And for those of you who don’t think you can write, how about speaking into a transcriber app or using the voice memos on your phone.

Journalling has been romanticised as just for young lovers writing mushy prose about their beloved. But it has a powerful effect when you dive into a thought or feeling or situation, and discover something profound about yourself. Transformation happens when the unconscious becomes conscious.

And there are many ways to journal.
It could be intuitive prose that flows from the pen (or finger) like water from a glistening waterfall.
It could be automatic writing to explore the feelings on a particular topic. 
It could be creative fiction writing to play our a scene wished for in real life, to see how you feel.
It could be rhyming poetry that is fun and light and lifts the mood. Or dark and twisty for delicious relief.
It could be “I feel” statements … that give your unconscious Self a chance to express itself.
It could be the lyrics of a song, with music to match, to find a deeper level of connection.
It could be a ‘word map’ … a collection of words that describe a situation or dream or feeling.
It could be a collage of words cut out from magazines to create a vision board.
It could be drawing coloured swirls and symbols that represent feelings of people or experiences.

Whatever way you are guided to journal is perfect.
Do it your way. Be your own way finder.
It’s your life … and your journal, after all.

My latest project is a Spiritual Journal with 11 other collaborators … we have come together to offer 12 different ways to journal, so you can find the way(s) that suit you.  ENJOY A FULL YEAR OF UNIQUE JOURNALING EXPERIENCES!
Every month is written and designed by a highly inspirational and  influential leader in the spiritual space. They have each crafted their unique way of journaling for you to explore and learn in ways you never have before.
What’s in it? … well there is Numerology, Archetypes, Angels, Mindfulness, Mediumship, Ancestoral Healing and lots more. 
The Spiritual Journal will be available on 23rd October 2020.
UNDATED – you can start using this journal at anytime.
YOU CAN PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY NOW –  https://www.jotform.com/synkmedia/spiritual-journal
CLICK HERE to read more about the 12 contributors and the pre-sale incentive offers.

Pip x

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