Week 35 – Rampage of Appreciation

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I know I’m connected to the Source and I know I am part of the flow of the Universe and I know that I am the orchestrater of that flow – not just a canoe on the river. I AM THE RIVER!
And I am the earth and the sky and the trees and the animals and the crytals and the rain and the grass.
You cannot separate us all.
The All is the One.
The One is the All.
The All is Oneness.
I can feel that knowing deeply.
I can be connected to that Oneness and do the human things that are to be done.
I can be connect and ALSO be human.
Spirit is flowing through everything.
There is a very clear and healthy balance that can be set to embrace the Spirit in all things.
If I get disconnected (or pinched off) I can easily recentre.
I know how.
I have done it many times.
It’s a simple breath and STOP DOING and refocus on BEING.
NO arguments.
NO excuses.
NO “just do one more thing”.
I am completely honouring me and in doing that I am honour Source and my Soul.
Soul is home.
All things come back to that essence.
In the beginning there was Source and we are all part of that essence.
Bringing this awareness into my day is the purpose of my life.

Blessings Pip xxx

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