Week 32 – One mask to another: “Is that a platypus and a penguin?”

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This week I am adjusting (gradually) to the wearing of a mask when I’m out an about.
It’s SO weird … THERE … I said it … 
Covering your face means it is harder to hear what people are saying. Harder to read body language. 
And … it’s very revealing in other ways … for example, I am having cool conversations … like this one:

“Hi there … ohhh … I like your mask” 
“Thank you … love the red and white spots.”
“Me too … it matches my shopping bag.”
“Oh … so it does … that’s cool.”
“I like your mask … is that a platypus and a penguin?”
“Yes … the kids at my childcare centre love the animal one.”
“Ahh yes … I bet … how are are they doing?”
“Well… they are kids … once they knew what the new rules were …. they just went with it, you know?”
“Sure, kids are so adaptable aren’t they? Not like adults.”
“Yeah, we push back, we resist, and we struggle against changes all the time.”
“Right … it makes life challenging for us.”
“Kids don’t do that … well the young ones don’t … they’ve not learnt to struggle yet.”
“Sure … that makes sense … our little ones are unaware of that concept.”
“Yep, they just flow … like are river … around and past and over … it’s lovely.”
“That’s a really cool way to think about acceptance … like a river.”
“Yes, kids are our teachers in a lot of ways.”

Are you being like a river? 
Or are you being like a rock in the river?

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