Week 30 – You’re still becoming … all is well.

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Today I had an ‘Aha moment‘. 
​It’s still becoming 💕 … my creation, my goals, my business, my book, my life.

I am an ever-evolving being.

We are never done.

Sometimes I put so much pressure on myself to be ‘done’ or ‘complete’.
Or I wonder why I’m not feel as satisfied with my latest goal.

And today I remembered that when you think you have finished manifesting a goal, there is always a new goal to move on to.
So … it makes sense that you begin to feel disappointed or dissatisfied a little while after your goal is achieved … it’s old.

The new is coming.

The new is becoming.

So, when you are feeling ‘meh’ … remind yourself “it’s okay – I’m still becoming.”
When you are discontented … remind yourself “it’s okay – I’m still becoming.”
When you are frustrated … remind yourself ” it’s okay – I’m still becoming.”

When we focus on the NOW … that’s actually the past goal manifested.
Can you feel the relief in that knowing?
Can you sit with that for a minute.

And once you are okay with the that Truth you can start to feel better.
And in the feeling better you move forward into the new becoming. 

What a revelation.
Now I’m excited …
If this … NOW … is not the end … Oooooo what’s NEXT?

Let me know what you’re thinking about for YOUR next?
p.s. I had this inspiration while listening to the Abraham Hicks podcast – check it out at: https://anchor.fm/abrahamhicks
p.p.s. You can listen to my podcast ‘Finding my Soul’ too – check it out at: https://anchor.fm/pip-coleman

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