Week 28 – To survive you NEED to be selfish!

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As the crowds disappeared from the island this weekend, we all took a breath.
“It’s been the busiest winter school holidays Ever!” … is what I’ve heard from the community for the past few weeks.

I have stuck to my usual routine of riding my bike, running my business, zooming with family and staying close to home. 
But even with my minor interactions outside of the home, I’ve been feeling a desire to spend more time alone.

Today the birds are chirping, the sun is out and the cars are few. 
I’m enjoying the less frantic energy.
I’m embracing the stillness.
I’m settling in for a restful winter. 

I’m glad we have this season (in Oz) right now …
It’s a time for napping, hot drinks, dreaming, baths and doing our inner Self discovery work. Perfect. 

If you’d like some ideas of how to embrace the winter season … let’s start with these 3 tips: 

1. Journaling / writing 
2. Dreaming (day & night) 
3. Self care

Writing is such a great way to get out any frustrations AND is a fantastic way to develop ideas and goals. 
Take a trip to your local gift shop or go online and buy yourself a beautiful journal. 
**Note: Beemo San Remo has some gorgeous Alana Fairchild journals right now. 
Write the good, the bad, the insanity and the joyful magic that lives in your heart. It doesn’t have to be perfect. 
It’s about expression and letting the words and images flow out. 
Imagination is okay. Truth is okay. 
It could be words, poems, memories, images, cartoons, or songs … 
There are no limits. 
This is your creative space. 
This is a spiritual place to be. 

I like to use my Yoga and meditation time to dream .. as well as my sleep dreaming, of course.
I also dream when I ride my bike or swim or walk. 
Dreaming is what I think of as an active form of spiritual connection. 
You might dream of goals you’d like to achieve or people you’d like to meet. 
You might dream of past lives.
You might dream of people who you love (past, present or future).
Dreaming is important to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone. 
And it’s important to consolidate your personal desires. 
Sitting in your garden and dreaming of abundant vegetables or radiant flowers is good practice for manifesting. 
Big or small dreams are the same in vibrational truth. 
Enjoy your dreaming time. 

I was quoting to a friend the other day, that: “You are responsible for 100% of 50% of your relationships” …
And it reminded me that this means you are 100% responsible for yourself. 
And if that is true then you must take care of you.
No one else can do it as well as you. 
You are the expert on you. 
You know exactly what you need. 
You know exactly how you like things. 

You know exactly when to give it. 
Why would you look outside of yourself? 
Well, I know I’ve been told (from my teachers, family, television and culture) that I’m supposed to find someone who ‘completes’ me. 
And there are thousands of ways we are told NOT to take care of ourselves because it’s selfish … 

So if you hear nothing else today … Hear this …
You have my permission (not that you need it) … YOU are supposed to be selfish!
To survive you NEED to be selfish (and not just during this time in the world). 
You are a super-selfish Being that deeply deserves to be taken care of BY YOU. 
Dive in, honor and get comfortable with taking care of yourself. 

The truth is … There is no one more perfect than YOU to take care of you. 

May your time alone be blissful this winter.
​Share with me your insights by replying to this email or comment on my Facebook post. 

Pip xxx

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