Week 25 – I’m so angry right now … I could spit fire!

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This week I’d like to talk about strong emotions …
We all have them.  
Particularly now, with this worldwide situation that is at hand. 
The question I have this week is, how can we use our strong emotions to be more healthy, productive and happy? 

When I was working on board ships there were situations that really burned me up.
I would get so angry about the food not being very healthy; or the immigration process being so long and drawn out for the crew; or the passengers not doing what we asked them to do during boat drill. 

It all seems silly now, I mean, who cares if the passengers don’t want to put their life jacket on? 
Why can’t they eat a slice of pizza and drink their cocktail, while I tell them the safety instructions? 
The ship probably won’t sink this cruise. Right? (read more in Finding my Soul at Sea)

Right now there are LOTS of strong emotions being expressed within our families, within our communities and in the world. 
Anger. Frustration. Fear. Anxiety. … 

Strong emotion … what does it mean? 
Well … essentially it means … THIS matters to me! 
It means I care about this person, job, situation or relationship … A LOT. 

I’d like to offer a suggestion … based on the teachings of Abraham Hicks. 
Together let’s practice revelling in the positive AND the negative emotions …
The idea is to REALLY sinking in and feel both. 

Squashing the negative emotions only makes it worse. Right? 
The more you try to stop being angry or afraid the more you feel.

So, why not practice ‘milking the juice’ from ALL of our emotions … 

Abraham Hicks suggests that we practice sitting with and rolling around in our strong emotions … 
When you feel angry, sad, anxious, fearful … try to take a moment (a small step back) and say: 
“ohhhhhhh I’m soooo angry right now … or I’m sooo sad right now … or I’m sooooooo anxious …. I’m soooooo …. aaaaarrghhh … I could spit fire! I feel like I might burst!! … I really, really, really feel (your emotion) ….” 

NAME it … SPEAK it … HONOUR it. 

And your inner being will say “Ohhhhh this is gonna get good …” 
When there is conscious awareness of your emotions (and therefore your desire), you can use it as a springboard to shift forward. 

When we feel strongly about something it means there is A LOT of momentum behind it …
And there’s no point trying to stop a car once it’s off the cliff. It’s best to just ride with it. It’ll be over soon. No point in chastising yourself either … “you’ll have an opportunity to start again real soon.” Abraham Hicks jokes. 

The point is once you get going on a negative story, the best way to get through it quickly is to allow rather than resist it. 

So, first, allow it … sit with it, accept and see if you can enjoy rather than resist.

Second, go and have a nap, or distract, and soothe yourself to lessen the resistance. 
**importantly, (and this might seem odd for a psychologist / counsellor / healer to say) please … DON’T talk to someone else about it. You will only get confirmation and agreement of your negative vibes and keep it in your heart. DON’T beat the drum of bad. 

Third, during your normal day do deliberate feel good activities like meditation, laughing, walking on the beach, watching sunsets and sunrises, sitting in the grass … and cultivate a dominant feeling of well-being. 

**please DO go to see a psychologist / counsellor or healer to help you with step 1 and 3 … To practice letting go and feeling good. Get tools and skills and strategies, to stay healthy, connected and well.  NOT using them to justify your life’s dis-ease. 

Then when you have resistance or a situation come up, that doesn’t feel good, you know how to reset yourself back on course.

Your negative emotion is a gift from the Universe. It tells you there is some tweaking to do in your vibration to move forward. 
Your vibrational world improves when you have a fit of negative emotion. 

Are you ready to move towards your desires or will you continue to stand in justification of not having what you want? 

“Your inner being sees you with much more loving eyes than your small self.” Abraham Hicks 

Blessings Pip xxx

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