Week 24 – Rolling down a hill until I threw up

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​This morning I was listening to the audiobook of Uncharted by Colette Baron-Reid … and she said “your intuition is not the sixth sense … it’s the first sense”  … it’s the one that happens first.
The gut feeling.
The inner ding.
The inspiration of the soul. 
The ripple of an excited shiver.
That vibe we get to tell us we are going the right way …

Then I saw on Facebook Ocean Reeve (my publisher) has posted a quote:
“We are born creative. It is our nature to dance, sing, write and play. Share your story to the world. You never know who it will inspire.”

And it occurred to me  … that’s the amazing thing about creativity … inspiration is the source of it AND the outcome. 

Woah! Did you feel that in your heart and soul, like I did?

You know how it feels to be inspired.
You remember … maybe it was yesterday, or last week … or maybe it was when you were a child …
We were ALL inspired creative beings then.

That’s why every coach I’ve EVER had says (at some point) “what was it you wanted to be as a child?” … or “what did you love to do as a child?” …

Our children and our inner child are a wonderful source of truth and wisdom.
If we tap into that wisdom and listen, we can really shift and heal our lives.

You might say “Well Pip, I loved to swing on the monkey bars and roll down grassy hills until I threw up. Am I supposed to do that as a career now as an adult?”
And I say “Yes … smartass!” *grin*

Sure … you might be a gymnast, or an acrobat, or a clip n climb instructor … or a landscape gardener … or perhaps just someone who likes to be outside.
Do you go outside into nature every day? No
Do you work outside now? No
Maybe your inner child is calling you to go outside.
Follow the clues. Be open to the wisdom. 

When I was trying to discover my perfect job, I listed all the things I loved to do … and they were: travel, talk to people, laugh and get paid. So I looked for things to do that fit those criteria. And I got the job as a social host on a cruise ship.

Then I wanted to stop travelling and have time on land, help people be happy, have deep conversations but still have a laugh and get paid. So I did my Reiki Master training and started a business in wellness classes.

Then I wanted to share my story of spiritual awakening and help people be happy further than my local community. So I wrote and published a book (Finding my Soul at Sea) and now I’m talking about what I love, with people who inspire me and getting paid.

Ask yourself those questions above and REALLY listen.
Then follow the guidance. Try it … you won’t regret it.
Your inner child is SO excited right now. Can you feel it?

Blessings Pip

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