Week 21 – Three tips to shift from loss to appreciation

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This morning I was listening to Sandra Anne Taylor talking, on the Hay House Unlimited podcast, about how this time in history is an opportunity … not a punishment …
I felt the need to share because a lot of my connections and clients have been sharing this concern.
She said that we need to remember that there are cycles in nature, systems and in our personal lives too.
The five steps in the cycles are: new beginnings, status quo, decrease, transformation and increase. 
We humans can get a little bit too caught up in drama and think that this will be ‘forever’… it won’t.
We are currently in a very clear decrease step. 
Some people are calling it a world reset. 

In the decrease step of the cycle, we are asked (or encouraged … or in this case … forced) to go inward.
It’s a time for assessment and review.
It’s a time for letting go and forgiveness.
It’s a time for asking key questions: “what are the lessons for me?”
Many businesses are having to review and adapt and change their systems. 
It’s the same with our personal lives and relationships. 
I felt this deep need to review, let go and forgive, when I was writing my book (Finding my Soul at Sea).

There are a lot of people asking ‘Why then?’ …
They are not sick and they are safe, but they may have lost their income and are struggling. 
To beat yourself up over this set of circumstances will not help. 
Please remind yourself that this is not a punishment.
You have not done anything wrong.
The world / Universe / God is not trying to hurt you.

Sandra talked about the power of appreciation and how it has two meanings. 
Appreciation is about gratitude and looking for the things that are working in your life; and appreciation is also about increasing value.
So, we are encouraged to find the moments of appreciation, even if they are only small.
​This will help us to shift your energy out of the feelings of loss and sadness.
The old saying ‘you never miss something until it’s gone’ rings very true now.
We have an opportunity to look at what we’ve got and feel the better. 
This process helps us to accelerate an attraction intention energy.

Here are three tips to accelerate your desires:

1. Vision Board Re-vamp
Sandra talked about adding to your Vision Board (or you could start one) the things that you already have, that you are grateful for (in the middle) and putting the things that you desire (on the outside). This way you can bring the new desires into your life faster, because you can clearly see them next to the things you currently have. I love this idea!! Definitely need to refresh mine. I’ve used Vision boards for years, in my own life and in my psychic development series. I have one for my book journey, one for my health and a big one for my overall life. 

2. Journal of Intentions
She also talked about creating a Journal of Intentions … 
Write lists of things you desire … eg. Ideal job, Ideal partner; Ideal holiday.
Under the things, note the qualities of each eg. Ideal job – caring boss, variety of projects, fun workmates, great income, travel etc…
Then once or twice a week, before you go to bed – read ONE intention.
And mentally, hand it over and surrender it to your higher self, the angels or the Universe. 
You could say: I hand this ideal job over to the Universe and promise to follow any guidance I receive
It’s important to do the surrender part – because if we obsess and worry over our desires not coming to us – it gets toxic and we can energetically push it away. Ever had that happen – maybe with a relationship or money or family issues? Yep … Me too. 

3. Appreciation Breaks
Each day take a few minutes (at the same time, ideally) to do, what Sandra calls, an ”appreciation break”.
Stop and take a breath.
Close your eyes and hold the intention in your heart of worldwide balance and health and happiness.
And she says this affirmation: 
I feel the divine consciousness in myself of this time and place in the world, expanding healing, protection and wisdom to everyone who needs it. 

Remember you are a part of this world, so your energetic intentions connect with other people who have the same intentions and that means it grows. Sandra says: The field that you feed the most will expand.
Or, you may have heard the saying, what you think about most is what you manifest. 
That’s how quantum physics and the laws of the Universe work in our lives. 

It’s so important to take responsibility for our own emotional content.
Fact is, we are more happy in our lives when we focus on appreciation. 
Ask yourself: What can I appreciate at this time? 

Blessings Pip xxx

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