Week 20 – Are you feeling insignificant?

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In this world of Facebook likes … and Instagram hearts … and comments that fly by before you’ve even had a chance to digest them;
I wanted to remind you all (y’all all) that YOU ARE SIGNIFICANT … :0)
I … SEE … YOU.  

It’s so easy to be drawn into the panic of missing out.
I do it …. yep.
I admit it … sometimes I will look at my phone and there will be 1 x like on Facebook notifications and I can’t leave it. I have to look.
Wow. We are really addicted to this technology, huh?
We humans are addicted to the desire to be acknowledged.

Normally, in a day, you might be smiled at, or waved to, or you’ll have a few conversations … and each time you will feel acknowledged it will boost to self esteem … your energy rises … and good hormones flood your body.
On social media you can be acknowledged hundreds of times a day. No wonder we love it!
So today I’m asking you to be AWAKE and AWARE to the needy feelings.
Practise being observant and present.

You can be drawn into drama, panic and buying things (… but I needed those non-slip things for the bottom of my chairs) … if you are scrolling mindlessly.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s really important to reach out and let people know you’re there.
Please do, we are physically distancing but we all need social connection now.
Let’s do it more intentionally.

Choose your connections with your heart.
Find groups that are peaceful and joyful – not full of drama queens.
Share lightness and fun.

You ARE significant.
You ARE aware.
You ARE a high vibrational soul.
And you can help others to feel safe and happy by embracing these truths.
Blessings Pip x

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