Week 19 – My new book in the works … it’s a prequel!

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Just after my book was launched in November last year people started to ask me ‘So, when’s the next one coming out?’ and ‘Have you decided on a prequel or a sequel?’ …
It was like when you get engaged and everyone asks you ‘So, when’s the big day?’ …
And then when you get married and everyone ask you ‘When’re you going to have kids?’ …

Well … honestly I’ve been reluctant to write another after only just finishing my first book …
But last week, as I enthusiastically read my new author friend, Jenny Old’s new book (Innocent Nurses Abroad) something shifted in me …

I was having memories of my own travels overseas.

I was feeling excited and joyful, as I read about countries that I’d visited too.

I was feeling inspired … itching to write down my own adventures and lessons.

And then … one morning I woke up and started to write.

So, you’re the first people to see this … here is my draft forward and one of the first stories …

Intro to ‘Not My Trip’ … (working title)

Have you ever been doing your life only to realise one day that’s it’s not yours?
You’ve been following someone else’s guidelines.
You’ve been making decisions to suit others.
You’ve dated (or married) someone your parents liked.
You’ve joined a 12 month round-the-world tour because someone loved you. 😁
These moments in life when you realise you’re not doing YOU, are the key moments of growth and expansion.
Oprah calls them ‘aha moments’.
This might seem like a collection of my travel stories, (to Africa, Europe, UK, and South America) but it is SO much more.
It’s a series of magical moments when I gradually woke up and realised that I wanted (no needed!) to take control of my own life.
As you read these stories, my intention is that you wake up too.


In shower before he left. 

As the water ran over my face I couldn’t tell which droplets were from the shower or my tears …
How can this be happening? I’ve only known him for 6 months. I can’t be in love. I thought.
It was the morning that J was leaving for his 12 month world trip.
I knew it was coming.
It was the first thing he told me when we met in my kitchen at M’s birthday party.
“Hey Pip, M told me you love to travel, me too! I’m planning a world trip next year.”
His blue eyes sparkled and he tucked his blonde surfer hair over his ear.
“Oh really!? That’s so cool… where are you going?”
I handed him a beer.
“Well, Africa first … then the UK, work in London for a bit … then as much of Europe as I can afford, and then South East Asia on the way home.”
I sighed. “Wow … that sounds amazing! I can’t WAIT to finish my post grad and travel the world. Why Africa first?”
We spent the next few hours huddled together discussing the details of his trip.
He was so enthusiastic and confident. I think I actually fell right then.
And so, standing in the shower I kicked myself for knowingly entering into a dead end relationship…
Stupid … stupid … stupid
Then his arms were around me …
I leaned my head back in his chest, letting the water fall on my face.
He kissed my cheek.
And he whispered “I’ll come back for you.”
My heart broke a little more and yet there was also some hope.

I look forward to sharing more excerpts … so excited!! 
And may your isolation bring the inspiration that is right for you.
Pip x
p.s. Look out for this week’s Friday Freebie … I’m sharing Jean Haner’s descriptions of the 5 personality types based on the Chinese feng shui elements and how they will help you to find your inspiration in isolation. The key is to understand and align with the energy of your personality type and your life will be more happy and go more smoothly. 

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