Week 18 – Silliness … is it wrong right now?

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This week I was listening to Radleigh Valentine talking about how he is a self-confessed, totally out-of-the closet … MASSIVE supporter of silliness. *grin* 
He was reminding us all that we need to be silly to balance out the seriousness of our lives (and the world right now).
There is SO much power in silliness to dissolve fear, pain, anger, worry and anxiety. 
He even called silliness the ANTIDOTE TO ANXIETY. 
I LOVED that he said that!!
Because I totally agree!!
But here are his 3 magical tips to tap into the power of silliness …

1. Get yourself a SILLINESS BUDDY … there is more oomph with a silliness ‘partner-in-crime’ … Get on a phone call or Facetime session and play. Kids are great at embracing the silliness – they have no issues with being self-conscious. Animals will always join in on a session of silliness … rolling on the ground, chasing each other around the yard (or living room), dressing up in crazy clothes or making faces with Facebook filters, or TikTok, or whatever makes you laugh the most.

2.  FIND THE FUNNY in everything you can … laugh and laugh and laugh … at cat videos, your favourite comedian on YouTube (I love Michael McIntyre) or just set up a Zoom or Skype with your parents … that will have you laughing in no time … “Move over the left Mum  … Dad I can only see your ear … Erica why are you sideways right now?” 

3. TEXT SOMETHING SILLY to your best friends or post online (and encourage them to reply) … there are plenty of funny memes and quotes and cartoons floating around … or you can make up your own. My sister (who is a teacher) has been sending me funny answers to her daily trivia sessions with her students. What a crack up!!! I love it. 

Let’s get those ‘feel-good’ endorphins in your brain flooding the whole body. 
The bonus of this is … your immune system will be boosted too. 
I want to remind you that taking care of your mental and emotional health is PARAMOUNT right now. 
Please don’t let the chaos of the outside world affect your personal (inner) world.
Meditation and exercise are also fantastic anxiety-relieving tools … combined with silliness you’d have the perfect wellness kit. 
Choose more silliness and you will notice a shift.
Pip x

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