Week 17 – In the same storm, but different boat …

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As I listened to Kate Northrup, on the Hay House podcast this morning, talking about how all of us are in different, but equally valid, boats … it  really resonated with me. 
But what does that statement actually mean?
There are lots of people comparing themselves to others.

Are you feeling like you ‘should’ be doing something other than what you are doing?
Are you feeling you ‘should’ be working harder, or working less, or teaching your kids more, or pushing, striving, trying? …
And then are you beating yourself up about it?
I know. I get it. I feel the weight of that on your shoulders and in your heart.

Let me remind you that although everyone IS in this situation … we are not doing exactly the same things.
We are working in our own way.
We are relaxing and de-stressing in our own way.
We are living and dealing with our family in our own way.
We are relating to ourselves in our own way.
It’s time to take a step back and give ourselves a break.

If your business or work is booming and you feel guilty for being employed – that energy is not serving you.
Take time to focus on gratitude and celebrate how you are serving others at this time.
This will raise the vibration of your life.

If your business or work is booming and you hate it … and you want to be somewhere (anywhere else) – that energy is not serving you.
Take the time to reassess what you want and make a plan to change.
This is an important opportunity.

If your business has closed or work has stopped and you feel bad because you are not working – that energy is not serving you.
Sure, take time to grieve the old, that’s very important. You could write a goodbye letter. 
Then use this time to get excited about all the things you’d love to do, see, read, eat, try.
And start doing some of them now.

If you are safe at home and you feel guilty because other people are suffering – that energy is not serving you.
Firstly turn off the news – that’ll reduce your pain significantly.
Secondly, ask yourself ‘what can I do for others and also serve myself?’
You can take care of yourself, your family and your community… 
Stay local with your focus.

Please don’t get sucked into the drama of the outside world and lose your centre. 
You never know what will come out of a situation like this.
Great inventions, books, films, music and transformation comes from times of great challenge.

You don’t have to create a masterpiece, you don’t even have to be creative at all …
But you can be curious and open to the possibilities of our new world.

You can check out Kate Northrup at www.katenorthrup.com
“Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Ambitious Women”

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