Week 16 – Aching back … Churned up belly … Heavy Heart

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This week on my Facebook page, each day I’ve been talking about how your physical body will tell you how to take care of yourself in these challenging times.
I’ve talked about why you might be having trouble sleeping.
I’ve talked about why your stomach may be churned up.
I’ve talked about why your back is aching.
And I’m going to talk about your sore neck, your headaches, your chest pain and your sore throat in the morning (not corona) … 
The reason I am focusing on the body this week is because my body gives me very clear signals when I need to take care of myself.
And these things I’ve mentioned above are the main ones I’ve noticed lately.

NOT SLEEPING – Understandably, we are all being affected by the greater worry-energy of the world right now. Not only our close family (who are living in our pockets) are impacting our waking and sleeping routines. One of the biggest things to be aware of it the unconscious fear that you are being drip-fed every time you turn on social media or the television. This will significantly affect your sleep. Take some control back and make a commitment to not look at media until after breakfast or after 9pm at night. And do your self-care routine daily (meditation, prayer, exercise, yoga, tai chi, dance, essential oils, crystals … etc.) … even twice daily so that you can wake up and go to sleep with a measure of calm around you. 

CHURNING STOMACH – Your solar plexus is the centre for worry and anxiety, so it makes sense that you might feel all churned up right now in the stomach area. When you feel that feeling, put your hands on your belly and rub in a gentle circular motion, this will help to shift the stuck energy and soothe you. You can also visualise a bright yellow light at the centre of your stomach.  *If you are a Reiki practitioner you know how to take this process further. 

ACHING BACK – Your lower back in particular is linked to feeling secure and safe. Louise Hay talks about the lower back being connected to financial security – so understandably a lot of people are feeling pain or weakness in that area right now. There is a lot of uncertainty about the future for many people. So, I recommend that you practise the affirmation: “I am safe. Everything is working out for me. I trust the Universe.” And you can visualise a bright red light at the lower back area – warming and soothing and calming your fears. 

STIFF NECK – Your neck is the chakra centre for the throat. A lot of people are having issues here because we are being told constantly “if you have a sore throat it might be coronavirus”. And if you are like me in the morning, waking up with a dry throat and freaking out … then remember … if the sensation goes away after a drink of water and a shower, it’s not a virus … it’s just your body readjusting to being awake. Don’t over-catastrophize … that won’t help your immune system. 

HEADACHE – You may be getting headaches right now. And I was saying to my sister yesterday … ‘Of course your head is aching, you’ve been learning a whole lot of new skills … zoom meetings, school programs, and taking in new health information every day. It’s great for our brains to have all these new neurological connections happening … but our heads can get overwhelmed and tired. Stop. Breath. Take a break. Nap. Stretch. Close your eyes. Walk in nature. Drink lots of water. Our brains need hydration when we are learning. 

HEAVY CHEST – You may be feeling a heaviness or tightness in your chest. The heart chakra is the centre of our chakra energy system and with all the sadness and fear in the world right now, the hearts of all the humans are feeling more than they’ve ever felt before. It’s okay if you need to go and have a cry. We should express our true feelings. Robert Holden says that good mental health is a healthy relationship with our thoughts and an honest relationships with our feelings. Emotional honesty is the key to spiritual strength. Don’t suppress the anxiety. Share your fear with a safe friend or counsellor. You can also do a simple divine heart meditation by getting still, putting your hand on your own heart and saying this mantra to yourself … “I love and approve of myself. Life loves and supports me”

Stay safe and healthy …
I’m here via Zoom, Skype or Phone, if you need me.
Blessings Pip x
p.s. Join me on my Facebook business page: @consciouscoursesandtherapies for Soothing Sesh with Pip at 12pm DAILY. 

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