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This weeks blog is about power we have to make a difference …
I have met some really amazing people this week.
Small business owners who are inspired to help their clients resolve their problems. Clients who have finally made the decision to take care of themselves and call me after months of having my number in their bag. Friends who have offered to help me teach a meditation class and made it 100% better. My sister who went to the movies, ate Mexican food and let me sleep over on a “school night”.
And speaking of movies … please go and see ‘Hidden Figures’ … it is a BRILLIANT movie about the African American women who worked at NASA in the 1960’s. They changed laws and were just … Wow! Amazing!
You might not think that you are making a big difference in anyone’s life, but think again …
Have you ever thought about someone and called them to find they were lonely and needed to chat?
Have you ever picked up rubbish on the beach?
Have you ever visited someone in hospital or nursing home?
Have you ever stayed at work a bit later and washed the dishes?
Have you ever bought someone a coffee or gift just because you could?
People appreciated those acts of kindness, whether you were told or not.
Of course, I am always delighted when someone says ‘thank you … you made me feel better, or happier, or more relaxed’ … but not everyone can speak the words. So, I have to trust that when they leave they will share the love and maybe pass on their good feeling to others.
I ask you to keep being that difference in someone’s life this week.
Blessings Pip x

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