Want to soothe headaches and more with Reiki? (you already know how)

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What if you could soothe your own pain and your family too?

Not with drugs.

But with energy healing.

We all do it, to some degree … when you put your hands on your aching head, or rub your anxious belly, or pat someone’s back when they feel sad.

Our natural abilites to heal are diminished over time due to fears, beliefs and social conditioning. 

As a child you were open and clear and channelled healing energy all the time. It was easy for you. 

You may have even seen lights or felt departed loved ones, right?

Well, the good news is that you can restart the flow of energy.

Just like a broken tap … when you fix the blockages and leaks, the water flows again.

That’s what happens when you come to a Reiki course.

You do a series of attunement meditations to reconnect to the Universal energies.

You are reminded of the power of your Divine being.

And you practise on yourself, and other people, to increase the flow and get feedback to confirm that the sensations you feel (that you’ve ALWAYS felt) are real.

You can ease your own headaches.

You can decrease your own pain.

You can soothe your anxiety.

You can calm your fears. 

It’s the safest and easiest energy healing method to teach and learn, because you are just remembering what you know deep in your heart. 

If you’d like to reconnect and improve your life in these ways … come and join the Reiki energy healing course.

And … I’m starting one in May!! Yay!!

Reiki Level One 12 hour certificate course 

4 x 3 hour sessions – weekly 

Starts: 3rd May @9.30am-12.30pm

Location: Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island 

*NOTE: 1 spaces is filled and there’s ONLY 3 spaces left.

 to read more details about Reiki courses.  

If you’d like to ask questions or book your course, please contact me by replying to this email.

Blessings Pip x


“I loved the warm atmosphere, clear direction, and discussions about other spiritual topics. I feel like I can really do this! I felt safe to learn this new material. Thank you.”
Cathy – Reiki Level One & Two.

“If you’re thinking about studying Reiki, Pip Coleman is your go-to Reiki Master. Pip will informatively offer you her complete care and attention throughout the lessons. She’ll also deliver wisdom and interesting stories along the way~ with a sense of humour. I’m so pleased I have added Reiki to my every-day tools and practices for living a mindful and peaceful life. Thanks Pip!” 💜

Victoria – Reiki Level One

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