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This weeks blog is about Spirit Guides … yay!!
I love talking about and working with my Spirit Guides … Animal Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, departed loved ones … and of course, my Guardian Angels and the Archangels.
Spirit Guides are any of the guides that are in ‘spirit form’ rather than ‘earthly form’. They are part of Source energy or on the Soul plain.
Your Spirit Guides can help you with relationship issues, health, career, money, and anything else you can think of in your life. You just have to ask. They give you signs and messages all the time, but you may not be listening, feeling or seeing them. Sometimes they can be quite subtle.
The bird that swoops in front of your car to slow you down, the lizard that sits on your porch and reminds you to chill out, or the butterfly that sits on your head and tells you to admire beautiful things.
Then there is the feathers and coins that the Angels leave for us to let us know they are around and that we are abundant beings.
And our departed loved ones usually send us songs on the radio, smells of their favourite perfume or they come into our dreams to say hello. 🙂
Knowing what your Spirit Guides look like can be helpful in building your relationship to them. That is why having someone draw your guide for you is really cool.
So, due to popular demand I have arranged another SPIRIT GUIDE DRAWING SESSION …. and I am inviting you to come along …
Wendy Ishewe is coming to my studio on 25th November from 2pm. She will be doing channeled Spirit Guide drawings.
If you don’t want a drawing done, you can come along and just socialize, drink tea (or wine) meet some fellow light workers.
Please RSVP as soon as possible – by Friday 24th Nov @5pm (at the latest).
I look forward to seeing you there.
Blessings Pip xxx

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