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As we move into 2022 most people are hoping for a ‘new year, new start’ … but, as my business coach always says, ‘hope is not a strategy!’.
Denise Dudfield-Thomas runs a Money Bootcamp and she has an incremental upgrade process that we did relating to our money that was really revealing. We were asked to consider these questions:
Where are you living an economy class life?
Where are you living a premium economy life?
Where are you living a business class life?
And where are you living a first-class life?

We were given a spreadsheet and asked walk around our homes and offices, look at our jobs, our relationships, our health, our self-care, our self-development and our spirituality … and RATE it.
Now don’t get too freaked out … you don’t have to go out and buy an expensive car!
The fact is what is ‘first class’ to me is not necessarily the same for you.
For example, the top 3 first-class items in my life are:
1. My fluffy bathrobe
2. My sunny verandah with comfy chairs
3. My wellness team of coaches and practitioners

It’s really important to me that I am warm, that I can socialize in a beautiful space and that I have a great team to take care of my health and wellbeing. These represent a first-class life for me.
I realized doing this exercise that I have a premium economy class car, but it gets me from here to there, and it’s all I need right now. I’m okay with that level of car for now.

However, I have been using a very, very economy class kettle and toaster. Second-hand and dirty. Every day I used those items in my kitchen and they made me feel poor. So, I #upgraded them to a matching bright yellow set that makes me smile every time I use them. It was $95 for the set.
That’s first class my friends!

The next example is my front door mat. It was falling apart, and I walk over it every day. So, I #upgraded it to a new mat with a colourful rainbow on it. It cost me $14.95 Now I step over it and it makes me think of magic, fun and joy.

Another example is my underwear drawer. I realized that I only replace my underwear when they fall apart. Or I wait for Christmas and ask my family to buy me a voucher for new ones. Oh no, no, no! That’s not first class at all. So, I went onto my favourite website and ordered 6 new pairs.
These things are not expensive upgrades.
But they are things that make me feel like I’m living a first-class life.

I did make one more expensive #upgrade … I hired a cleaner!!! I work from home, so I was always getting distracted by the floors or the bathrooms not being clean … and now … it’s divine … to have my house cleaned is such a luxury and I LOVE IT!! Now I am less stressed and more productive.
So, the important message here is not that you need to upgrade everything.
It’s about recognizing where you’re settling for less that you deserve or creating an environment that doesn’t support you in living a first-class life.
You might realise in this process that you don’t think you are worthy of a first class, or business, or perhaps even premium economy life. Why is that?
Recognising the unconscious blocks and sabotages that hold us back is a crucial part of self-enquiry.

This year when you set your intentions for 2022 … you might like to start by taking an inventory of your life and see what is #economy or #premium economy or #business class or #first class.
If you’d like a copy of the checklist … contact me and I’ll share it with you.

Happy New Year my friends!

Blessings Pip

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