Turning Fifty!! This birthday feels VERY different!

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Today is my 50th birthday!! Wow! I’ve actually been on the planet for 50 years. I’m turning FIFTY!!

And Wow … this birthday feels VERY different than last year.

Funny isn’t it, how we look at our parents and grandparents turning fifty and it doesn’t seem like such a big deal. But when it’s YOUR turn. Woah … I mean it’s cool and profound.
I am feeling really good about stepping into this next decade. Ready. Excited.

You can listen to this on my podcast – episode #163 – if you prefer, click HERE.

Just for a moment, let me take you back to my 40th birthday … I was working in a job I thought I’d like … as a travel consultant.
You’d think it was my dream job. I love to travel. And I am a kick-ass organizer. Sweet right?
I did NOT like being a travel consultant. Apart from the freaking INSANE amount of information you have to memorise … airport codes for one! Holy Moly! Do you KNOW how many airports there are in the world?! I cannot tell you how much my head hurt after that training (and every day after that in the office) …
The other thing that broke my heart was researching, arranging, getting inspiring, exciting travel packages together for people. And then sending THEM off on the trip of my dreams!
Aarrgghhhh. It was torture …
So, I woke up on the morning of my 40th birthday and didn’t want to go to work. I argued with myself because I knew that Jackie would have organized a cake from that yummy Russian bakery … but I just didn’t want to be there with those people, in that space, on my birthday.
I rang the office to let them know. Rod answered the phone. I intended to just say ‘I’m not coming in today.’ And hang up. But I started to cry. Not sure where that came from. And I ended up saying ‘Rod, sob … I just can’t do it … I can’t … be there … today.’ He didn’t seem phased by my sobbing. He just said ‘Okay, I’ll let the everyone know.’
I remember vividly going over ALL my life choices … going to University … travelling overseas … breaking up with boyfriends … and wondering if I’d missed out on anything by not having children.
Ohh yeah … I went DEEP DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE! 😊
I called my sister and she said ‘Go down to the café in Williamstown that you like and get yourself a red velvet cupcake. That’ll make you feel better.’
So, I did …
And she was right!
I even flirted with the guy on the ladder outside the shop.
That night I went out for dinner with my sister, and we had Thai food. I felt 100% better than I had in the morning. Life review done. Crying done. Cupcake eaten. I knew what I had to do next.
I needed to QUIT my job! And find my true passion.
So, that was when my sister and I decided to move from Melbourne to Philip Island.
It began as a ‘let’s see how it goes’ sea-change situation.
I got a job at a local day spa / clinic, as a receptionist and therapist, and loved it!
It was the perfect balance of organization, customer service and creativity.
What grew from that was a desire to run my own business and a realization that well-being, alternative health, therapies, essential oils, and meditation had always been my passion – but I’d never considered doing it as a business. People liked what I did, so I did more of it.
Now I am turning fifty!
Ten years on and this birthday feels VERY DIFFERENT!
I am more centred, aligned, and focused.
I have explored lots of different ways to operate my business (thank you COVID). I’ve done in-person workshops, healing therapies and courses. Online interviews, webinars, classes, and distance healing. Plus I created an online coaching program for contemporary goddesses called the Divine Alignment Code.
And the wonderful thing is that I discovered people can still be helped either way, plus I could keep my business operating and even do it better.
This birthday I am more satisfied with my life choices.
This birthday I am more comfortable in my own skin.
This birthday I am less concerned with what other people think.
This birthday I am surrounded by wonderful, soulful, and generous people.
This birthday I am allowing myself to be totally me.
This birthday I am giving myself permission to keep dreaming big dreams.
This birthday I am very aware that I am stepping into a new phase of wise woman.
This birthday I am no longer feeling or thinking ‘less-than’ thoughts.
This birthday I am brave, bold and beautiful.
This birthday I am offering up a vibration of allowing to the universe.
This birthday I am standing in the space of FUCK IT! Let’s DO this!!
This birthday I KNOW that I can BE whatever I want!!
This birthday I am planning for my next decade to be EPIC!!
It’s like the wise energy of the wild woman, divine feminine, grandmother, matriarch, goddess is swirling inside of me and around me … ready to radiate outwards and infuse inwards.
That’s powerful womanly magic! That’s the magic that only comes from living life, feeling pain and walking your talk. Are you there too fellow earth angel goddesses?
It’s been great to talk to you today on my 50th birthday.
Look forward to our next chat soon.
Blessings Pip

p.s. if you’d like to connect with me personally, feel free to book a complimentary Divine Discovery phone call, so we can see if we resonate as coach and client. Book here.

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