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This week’s blog is about travel, belly button rings and a Leprechaun … Yep that got your attention huh? 🙂
As part of expanding and improving my business I have been encouraged to write a story about how I ‘earned the right’ to teach and treat my clients. 
It is normal to have a biography or history of your greatest achievements in a brochure or on your website. But that list usually just says ‘I did this, this and this’ … and nothing about how those things on the list will assist your clients. So they have to do all the work to decipher how your skills and qualifications will help them:
eg. The statement: “I have completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology” doesn’t say how that qualification can help / heal / teach / care for you as my client.
You may be reassured that I am intelligent and in the top 10% of the population who can pass a University degree. But will you book a course or treatment based on that information? Maybe.
So I am in the process of writing my story in a way that will be more clear to you (my lovely clients) how I can be of assistance to you.
Please take a quick look at draft #3 – I’d love to hear your feedback.
Blessings Pip x


Hello! I am so glad you found my website / brochure.
At this point, I could list all my credentials and qualifications (please see selective resume at the end, if you are curious) …
But I know that you really want to know is … ‘How can I help YOU improve your life?’ – I get it …

My approach is to offer you classes and treatments that are nurturing, valuable, fun and easy. You will gain value from my trials and successes – I have tried all the techniques myself.  Nothing is hidden. Transparency is very important me.
I understand that stuff happens in your life, so allow for flexibility in my schedules and I will treat you as I like to be treated, with respect and integrity, always. 
All of my focus is on offering simple skills to improve your self-care and expand your connection to your soul.
And I am selective with my clients – I love working with fun, open-minded people who are willing to try new things, are prepared to take action and learn how to heal themselves.

I come from a small town in Tasmania called Penguin. Yep … it’s real. Look it up on the Google Maps. Now I live in a place that is famous for Penguins – Phillip Island, Victoria. 🙂
I am the eldest child in a family of 5 children. So I know how to be responsible, take care of small humans and get creative to get time alone … I can teach you how to do this too – the self-care bit, not the looking after small humans – that was a big-sister deal only. Anyway, what I am saying is you can trust me!

Because I grew up in a small town I wanted desperately to see the rest of the world … so started travelling overseas at 23 years old and didn’t stop. It opened my eyes. I had never seen poverty and wealth in their extremes before. It helped me learn to be humble. I loved the freedom and the possibilities that travel offered. It answered questions of ‘how do I get more out of life?’ – the answers for me were: Be open to all opportunities that come to you. Limits are only put on you by yourself. Don’t be afraid to outgrow your container. Trust your intuition – it never fails!

My favourite thing to do is laugh … and they do say that laughter is the best medicine … I like to give valuable wisdom to you with a sprinkling of lightheartedness.
As it turns out … while doing the Advanced Angel Intuitive course with Doreen Virtue in 2006, I discovered that my ‘Earth Angel Tribe’ is the Leprechauns. This made perfect sense to me … they are half wise one / half pixie. Half fun / half serious. Of course! So, I assure you that you will not be bored with this Leprechaun teacher.

Lastly, because I like to think outside the square, I read about and listen to inspiring, successful teachers who give me great skills and tips that I can pass on to you.

Over the years I have tried my hand at over 30 different jobs. I’ve had a lifetime of customer experience in the sales, travel, radio and retail industries; experimented with teaching large and small groups in the cruise ship entertainment industry; and I have mastered the art of organisation in many administrative and management roles.

Then while I was planning one of my overseas trips a friend introduced me to Reiki Energy Healing.  I had decided to get my belly button pierced at the mall (as you do) and then fainted in the food court. I was super embarrassed. When my flatmate picked me up she said she would gave me some Reiki on my belly button. I had no idea what she was talking about. But when she did it I felt my belly button get hot, tingly and less painful – and interestingly – I also felt emotionally calm, reassured and peaceful. So, I went and did the Reiki Level One course, so I could feel that way all the time.  Now that I have done the Reiki Level Two and Master courses, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of people how to feel that peace and calm too.

Psychology / Sociology – double major – Bachelor of Arts
Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management
Reiki Level One course
Travelled overseas – 10 years
Carnival Cruise Lines – Social Host – 6 years
Doreen Virtue’s Advanced Angel Intuitive course
Director of First Impressions – 7BU Radio Station
Reiki Level Two course
Reiki Master course
Bowen Therapy certificate course (ISBT)
Manager – Dunk Island Resort
Activities Coordinator – P&O Cruise Lines
Travel Consultant – Contours Travel
Running my own business since 2006

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