Trauma – when do you need a Therapist and when do you need a Coach?

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I’ve had this question a lot over the years.

Do I need a therapist, a counsellor or a coach? 

And the best way to answer that is to see where you’re at in, what I call, the ‘trauma cycle’ … 

When you are at the beginning of the traumatic event or situation eg. you have just had a death in the family, you are in the middle of a divorce, you are dealing with a custody case, you’ve just found out disturbing news about family or friend, or you have just received a physical diagnosis … you would be very well-supported by a therapist or counsellor. 

A counsellor, like a Psychologist or Social worker can support you best through this intense period when you need to talk out the issues, manage your overwhelm and feel nurtured. 

A therapist, like a Reiki practitioner, Bowen therapist, Kinesiologist, Hypnotherapist or Energy healer would also be wonderful at this time to give you time out, keep you balanced and soothe your frazzled nerves. 

A coach, like a life coach or spiritual coach is better to work with when you are past that initial ‘shock’ phase of the cycle and have the bandwidth to consider the future, begin setting goals, feel more empowered, get back on your life path, increase your worthiness, reconnect with your Self and reset your intuition GPS to step forward with confidence.  

I love to do therapy sessions with people … it is a wonderful thing to soothe someone who is in pain and see them walk out the door feeling calm, with a smile on their face. 

But, I have to say, my MOST favourite thing is to coach people who are excited, inspired and ready to change things in their life. Those people are SO FUN!! They are feeling ‘the call’ deep in their soul to take their lives to a higher level, change their job, upgrade their relationships, improve their health … and it’s become a NON_NEGOTIABLE! Have you had that feeling? 

And the bonus with me is that you get a coach who is also a therapist – so we can focus on whatever is needed on any given day. If you are feeling tired … reiki energy realignment … feeling creative … mindmap and visionboard … feeling pain in a physical body part … bowen body alignment … feeling like you need to talk something out … counselling and tapping … feeling scattered … meditation … and lots more. 

Turns out my love of variety makes coaching my perfect job!

So if you’d like to BOOK in a complimentary ‘what’s it all about?’ phone call and we can chat about your situation, where you are right now and what might be the best steps forward. And we can see if we resonate or not before you come for a session. 

Also, available until 30th April 2022, the Goddess Divine Alignment special offer – when you book a Divine Being Alignment you get a Goddess Ostara and Goddess Ishtar healing meditation … CLICK HERE

You can read about my Divine Alignment Coaching program HERE

And you can book a Reiki Energy Healing or Bowen Therapy HERE

Looking forward to seeing you Earth Angels!!

Blessings Pip x

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