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The weeks blog is about pain … Do you have any pain? Is it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual? Most people would say they have some pain in their life right now.
How do you deal with it? Perhaps you use pain relief medication … alcohol … a hot bath … a cold pack … magnesium tablets … meditation … a massage … or maybe a muscle relaxing cream.
I have a few tools in my toolbox for pain relief, depending on the pain.
I love to use the EFT tapping when I am anxious or stressed … it is a quick and easy way to identify what is really bothering me and dissolve it.
I also like to use meditation when I am tired or worried … I choose a chakra energy balance, a guided visualisation or a lovely soothing chant and that helps me move into a calmer, relaxed space.
I am also a big fan of the Karma Rub Magnesium Oil – it is really great for headaches and for sore, aching muscles.
One of my favourite methods for all types of pain is Reiki. It’s a hands-on energy healing technique that is gentle and very effective.  You can go to see a Reiki Practitioner and have a 30-60 minute session which will take you into a deep space of relaxation and peace. It can be combined with a meditation to double the benefits. Or you can learn how to do Reiki energy healing yourself – by doing the Reiki Level One course – so you can treat yourself any time and any where that you need to.
How great is THAT?
If you are interested in any of these tools … let me know.
The next Reiki Level One course starts on Sunday 23rd July.

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