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This week’s blog is all about angels … did you know that everyone has guardian angels? Do you know how to talk to your angels?
I realized this morning that I did the Advanced Angel Intuitive course, with Doreen Virtue, 10 years ago! What an amazing, life changing decision that was.
I was open to the possibility of angels but it was not something that I ever really thought about doing as my business. So, when I did the exercises to ask my angels’ names, ask them questions about my health, life purpose and relationships, and then got replies … it was more than I expected.
I got an overwhelming feeling of peace that I hadn’t felt before.
I got confirmation that I was on the right path.
I was reminded to trust and know that I am always safe.
I got specific guidance about food to eat and exercise to do.
I even got some insight into my grandmother’s dementia and how the family could handle it.
If you would like to explore the possibilities of angels and how they can help you in your life  – here are some tips:
1. Just before you go to sleep (or as you are waking up) is a good time to ask for angel advice – you are more open and ready to receive messages.
2. Going out in nature is a great way to connect with your angels. They are easier to hear when you are relaxed, calm and breathing fresh air. 
3. You could also do a meditation and call in your angels to join you. You’ll know you have connected to your angels when you feel a particular sensation in your body, hear a loving voice, or perhaps you will see your angels in your mind.
Remember to ask … then wait for the reply. They are waiting to help you.
You are ALWAYS receiving messages from your angels, but are you really listening to the replies?
How to talk to your Guardian Angels – 5 week course – starts on the 29th August in Wonthaggi. Call me with any questions or to book.
Pip xxx

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