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This week’s blog is about the three ‘g’s that I value in my life … 
In the last week these I’ve realised that these three g’s guide my life. 
1. Gratitude – I’ve been doing a wonderful free meditation with Louise Hay (every morning and evening) and she has reminded me how important it is to say ‘thank you’ … being grateful for what you already have puts you in a much better state than complaining about what you don’t have. It makes you feel 100% better.
I mean you sometime do feel better when you complain – but you’re coming at it from a skewed perspective. That is … “the more I complain – the more my current feeling bad situation is justified – and other people agree with me – so I feel better.”  
The Law of Attraction states that we attract what we put out. So the more you are thankful, the more you will attract things to be thankful for.
Does that make sense? 
2. Generosity – I like to think of generosity as not just giving but also receiving. When you give a gift to someone you feel good right? So in giving something you also receive. Right? This weekend I invited my sister to come and stay with me on the island. She didn’t have a lot of cash available so I said I’d pay for her petrol. She said ‘yes please!’
We had such a nice time. I got the gifts of her company and great conversation and she got her petrol money, plus I decided to pay for her dinner on Saturday and coffee on Sunday morning too. It gave me such a wonderful feeling of joy to give her these gifts. It was an even exchange of energy in my eyes. Felt very blessed. 
3. Giggles – Anyone who knows me well, will tell you that I am always up for a laugh. A funny movie, a well-told story, a live comedian, or a Facebook video of a silly situation. As a self-confessed Leprechaun, I also like a deep and meaningful conversation, but that trickster side will keep it light too.
If you are ever feeling a bit ‘meh’ and need a pick me up … get yourself a funny DVD (doesn’t have to be expensive – you can borrow them from the library), go to the movies, or ring your friend who makes you laugh.
Laughter is scientifically proven to increase the happy hormones in your brain and improve your health. You can even do a Laughter Yoga Class – hilarious!! Super-fun!! You have not giggled like this – you will laugh like a snake or a frog or have a ‘laughing-tantrum’ … It’s an amazing release.
I encourage you to explore the three g’s this week. 
Start a gratitute list – write down the things you are grateful for.
Give and receive with abandon.
And giggle A LOT … it’s a must.
Blessings to you
p.s. Check out these FREE meditation downloads from Louise Hay – Morning and Evening Meditations:
p.p.s. Check out Laughter Yoga – – this Way of Mastery video – shows a little part of a class. 

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