Three beautiful gifts

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​This blog is about gratitude … 

This week I received three beautiful gifts.
– a piece of pottery
– a re-frame on what success is
– a trip to LA …

Today a friend dropped in and gave me a small piece of her hand-made pottery.
It is the perfect size to hold my earrings, some crystals or perhaps it could be a cute salt dish.
I was SO touched that she thought to give this piece to me. It’s gorgeous.

The second gift she gave me was a verbal reminder of her full support of me as a therapist and human being.
She said that she’d defended my character to someone who doesn’t know me and it so filled my heart with joy, that I cried.

Now I don’t profess to be perfect.
I’ve made mistakes.
I am human and fallible.
I speak out of turn and judge people.
We all do.
We aren’t going to learn our lessons and grow if we are perfect all the time, right?

And … let me tell you … my intentions are (usually) pure.
What can I say?
My ego gets in the way of my soul sometimes.
So, today I was reminded that all my years of self development practices have paid off.
My outer self is more aligned with my soul now.
My inner journey of success has been worthwhile.
Other people see my true self (and speak about it) because now I’m living and being more authentically me.

After this visit from my friend, I was saying to one of my client’s that I’ve not had a traditionally successful career or life path …
And she said “But you’ve had a very successful inner journey that affects other people when you share it in your writing and coaching.”
That re-frame was GOLD!
I didn’t think about how many people might be affected by my sharing my life lessons … that IS success.

The third gift was from my sister … she loves the Korean band called BTS.
And they are doing a concert in Los Angeles with some other well known artists on the 6th December.
She decided to buy tickets and asked me if I’d like to go with her?
“I’ll pay for the flights if you pay for your concert tickets.” She didn’t have to ask me twice.
I said ‘Hell yeah!! … LA BABY!!”
We are still buzzing after 3 days!!!

So, I want to sincerely say …
THANK YOU to my very dear friend and my client, and my sister … I love you.

I invite you to consider: Who do you need to say thank you to this week?
Pip x

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