This is the secret that’s been kept from women

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“That the body of a woman can be a vessel through which the Goddess comes is an unexpected revelation, a revelation that does not come through vision, illumination, or insight (which is how masculine divinity manifests), but through an embodied experience – through intimate, caring, reverent touch that is simultaneously sensual and sacred, deeply personal and transpersonal.” (p132 Crossing to Avalon, by Jean Shinoda Bolen)

I work with 99% women in my business, and they are almost exclusively suffering from the same underlying pain … the pain of trying to be something that they are not (men!).

These Contemporary Goddessses are working in a world that is designed by the patriarchy and set up to serve the masculine. So, of course, women cannot express their whole feminine selves in this space. They want to be more balanced and intuitive and nurturing, but that isn’t encouraged.

What does it feel like to be an out-of-balance Contemporary Goddess?

It feels like hopelessness; over-giving; working hard; obligations; expectations; mind rather than body; on the hampster wheel; no resting; going, going, going; not honouring your cycles; resentment; frustration; disconnection from purpose/meaning; focusing on others rather than self; your boundaries are always being pushed (or smashed); too much structure; faith in the universe is shaken; “is this all there is?” questions; rescuing too many people; saying ‘yes’ all the time; confusion; doubting your intuition; losing your soul; out of touch with your feelings; letting others make decisions for you; and seeing toxic patterns in your relationships over and over.

Now, life is usually not ALL bad …

Contemporary Goddesses usually have a pretty great life, job, friends, family and generally feel very successful in most ways. But … there is something missing. And that thing is the Goddess element.

The Divine. The spiritual. The universal connection.

What does it mean to be an in-balance Contemporary Goddess?

It means you’re asking the ‘seeker questions’ (who am I? why am I here?); you’re discovering what really matters to you, what gives life meaning, making order of confusion from a heart-space, learning emotional resilience, trusting yourself, tapping into intuition, finding symbols of self-power, embracing your Soul-Self, being discerning about who you spend time with, saying ‘no’ to those who want you to help them (at your expense), fulfilling your own needs first, being open to possibilities, shedding expectations, reconnecting with your own inner nature, meeting what you have kept in the shadows, looking at what you have been kept from knowing, seeing clearly the personal and patriarchal world that you inhabit, re-membering essential parts of yourself, and uncovering amazing creativity within you.

How can you get from out-of-balance to in-balance Contemporary Goddess?

I recommend adding in more nurturing, self-care, and deeply restful activities first. Then some honest self-enquiry and coaching to support your transformation.

You might like to try some of these:

  • Moon Rituals
  • Meditation
  • Divine Alignment bodywork
  • Life Coaching
  • Journalling
  • Radical Rest
  • Archangel Prescriptions
  • Mindfulness
  • Energy Healing
  • and more …

In future blogs and podcast episodes I will be talking specifically about ways to transform from the out-of-balance Contemporary Goddess to one that is in-balance, so that you can feel hope, certainty, peace, joy and reconnected to the meaning of your life.

If you’d like to work with me you can book a complimentary Divine Discovery phone call (or zoom meeting) by going to my calendar.

You might also like to listen to the ‘Align with the Divine’ podcast episode here.

Blessings Pip x

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