Things to appreciate about a pandemic

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Things to appreciate about a pandemic

I know this might push your buttons.
How can you appreciate a pandemic?
But grab a cuppa and indulge me.

Humans are so complex and yet so simple.

I love to travel overseas, push myself out of my comfort zone, stand in ancient temples, eat strange food, get lost in cities and create magical memories.

I also love to wake up in my own bed, go to my local cafe and get chai latte, ride my bike and wave good morning to the same people every day.

There’s always many ways to see a situation. Siblings who grow up in the same family sometimes see their upbringing in very different ways.

In the past 2 years I’ve appreciated shopping locally … I don’t miss big stores and shopping centres. Thank you COVID19!

I’ve appreciated connecting with friends and family via zoom and Facebook. I live alone so I’ve had to make more effort to stay in touch. Thank you COVID19!

I’ve appreciated pivoting my business from a hands-on massage focus to an online coaching focus. It’s more profitable now. Thank you COVID19!

I’ve appreciated conversations about core values, beliefs, emotions and mental health … we are not just physical beings … it is essential to understand and take care of these aspects. Thank you COVID19!

I’ve appreciated letting go of people who don’t resonate with me … and haven’t for many years, in truth. Thank you COVID19!

I’ve appreciated the people who have alternative views to the mainstream media narrative – for keeping our minds open, our leaders accountable and reminding us that integrity and transparency are important. Thank you COVID19!

I’ve appreciated the food delivery companies and takeaway cafes that allowed me to still get my favourite treats and morning chai latte. Thank you COVID19!

I’ve appreciated the government’s financial support of my business, that allowed me to stay open, adapt and still serve my clients. Thank you COVID19!

I’ve really appreciated my island home … this space has felt safe – while other places in the world were focused on fear, chaos and anxiety. I’m grateful I stayed here. Thank you COVID19!

I’ve really appreciated my tribe of healers and like-minded friends, who stayed open, kind and compassionate and helped me take care of myself throughout this intensely stressful time in history. Thank you COVID19!

It’s not just me having these big shifts in perspective and aha moments … I’m hearing it a lot.

I’ve heard people say that we are creating a “new world order”.

I say Yes! One that focuses less on what we can gain from others and more on how we can support others.

It’s a world with more transparency.
A world that is more sustainable.
A world that is refocused on local.
A world that cares about each other.

I’d love to hear about what you appreciate about the pandemic.
Please send me an email or jump on Facebook and share your thoughts.

Blessings Pip

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