There was a spirit dog at the door!

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A few years ago, I was teaching a “talking to dead people” class and half-way through one of the students, Steph* stopped me and said:

“There’s a spirit dog in the doorway.”

“Oh really? Describe it, maybe it’s connected to one of us.” I said.

“She’s a black and white sheep-dog. Well-trained, gentle and polite. She wants to come in but has been waiting at the door to be told she’s allowed in.”

“Who’s departed pet is that?” I asked.

And as we all looked around the room, Lisa* raised her hand, with tears in her eyes and said: “Oh my goodness, that’s my dog!”

“Oh. that’s lovely. Is it okay if we invite her in?” Steph asked.

“Yes of course!”

“She’s gone to sit at Lisa’s feet. She’s so excited.” Steph said.

“Can you sense her there now Lisa?” I asked.

“Now that she’s moved over here to me, yes I can feel her. It’s been 5 years, but I can feel her energy strongly now.”

This was such a beautiful reunion.

I love when these moments happen in my workshops.

We are not so far away from our departed loved ones in the other realm.

It is actually US that is disconnected and pinched off from them.

We need to get quiet, slow down and open our hearts to sense their energy and loving messages so that we can feel the comfort, closure and deep heart healing they offer. It’s such a powerful gift to give yourself.

If you’d like to re-connect with a departed loved one (human or pet), it will help you feel that your heart is healed, your mind is soothed, and cement the relationships that you started while your loved ones were incarnated as humans. 

That’s why I have created the WOO WOO WORKSHOPS for you dear Earth Angels.

The next one is TALKING TO DEAD PEOPLE & ANIMALS on Sunday 9th October.

This’ll be great, because there is so much juicy stuff to discuss around these fascinating topics! And you KNOW how I love to talk about juicy spiritual and woo woo stuff RIGHT?! Yes!!

I also have a new SPECIAL GUEST, Rachel Peterson – Modern Medicine Woman joining me to do the Crystal Bowl Sound Healing journey!

I love collaborating with awesome Woo Woo Women!!


Mediumship is not just about connecting with and continuing your relationship with departed loved humans, it’s also about your beloved animal friends.

In this workshop you will learn:

* Mediumship basic practices

* Human connection process (Departed Loved Ones)

* Animal connection process (Animal Spirit Guides)

* Practice getting guidance for yourself and others

* Sound healing journey with your DLOs and ASGs (conducted by Pip and special guest, Rachel – Modern Medicine Woman)

Includes snacks and drinks.

**LIMITED NUMBERS in-person (8)

SPECIAL PRICE FOR BLOG READERS: $395 (normally $595) **mention this offer when you contact me.

BYO blanket and cushion

Yoga Mats will be provided for the meditation, or you can sit in chair.

Location: Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island – Victoria

Sunday 9th October at 10am-2pm

WORKSHOP DOUBLE SPECIAL OFFER: $600 – Book 2 x tickets for you and friend for the ‘Talking to dead people & animals’ workshop and SAVE $200!


Alicia said: “I’m so excited that I can talk with my grandparents, my pets and even my unborn babies … I loved the list of ways that they have been communicating with me … it was comforting and explained SO MUCH! … This talking to dead people thing is FANTASTIC! It’s so simple that I can do it anytime. And I now have such a peaceful heart. Thanks Pip.”

Contact me on to ask questions and book.

Or you can go to click on the “Work With Me” tab and then under “Workshops” book yourself a spot.

Or book directly into my calendar:

Blessings Pip x

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