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This week’s blog is about being yourself … I had the honour of being asked to speak to a group of business women about  how to overcome stress and overwhelm. 
I have spoken to community groups before about my life working on cruise ships … but this was different.
These women are business owners, highly motivated, intelligent and practical. Their normal level of stress is much higher than most. And they don’t tend to give themselves a lot of time for self-care or relaxation.
Some are aware of alternative therapies, but not all have used them.
So, when I got up to present my “how to de-stress easily” information I was ready for some objections.
What happened was wonderfully positive and reaffirming for me. 
I told my story about anxiety and overwhelm as a business owner with honesty and transparency. Everyone listened and then worked through the information easily. There were great questions. There was positive feedback about feeling calmer. 
And I realised that by being completely myself the response to my presentation was infinitely better. It gave me an extra boost of confidence. And more importantly, it reaffirmed that I am exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what I need to do in the world.
So, I encourage you to share your story with someone this week … do it with complete honesty and be yourself.
There is only one of you. Celebrate that!
Blessings Pip xxx

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